1000 Calorie Workout for 4 Million Subscribers! At Home Workout to Burn 1000 Calories | Weight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body FatWeight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body Fat

1000 Calorie Workout for 4 Million Subscribers! At Home Workout to Burn 1000 Calories

April 17, 2017 - Comment

Awaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat 1000 calorie exercise & information for this exercise @ New 4 Week Meal Strategy: 3 healthier meals & treats each day @ New 4 Week Bodyweight-Only Home Workout Program @ 4 Week FBsweat – 30 OR 45 mins daily @ We use PowerBlock's flexible

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1000 calorie exercise & information for this exercise @
New 4 Week Meal Strategy: 3 healthier meals & treats each day @
New 4 Week Bodyweight-Only Home Workout Program @
4 Week FBsweat – 30 OR 45 mins daily @

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Nash Lantey says:

I’m gonna do this!!

*4 weeks later*

I’m gonna do this!

Christophe Boivin says:

i’m gonna do this as soon as my motivation will be stronger than the pleasure of not moving

FitnessBlender says:

4 Million Subscribers! And over 600 million “Workout Complete” screens earned. Thank you Fitness Blender Family for always cheering us on and for trusting us with your workouts. You guys are the only reason Fitness Blender is possible at all. We love working with you/for you and we still feel like we’re just getting started – lots of good stuff coming your way. Here’s to another million! K&D

All That Flutters says:

Congrats on 4mil you guys are such an inspiration! Love you ❤️

tamsmania says:


John Galvin says:

Well deserved, I’m proud to be a subscriber.

Yana Singh says:


katcatgr88 says:

Hey @vardan vaibhav I’m not an expert but I would imagine it’s not a good idea to do the exact same exercise every day for 5 days a week for 8 weeks. Mainly because you want to mix up things to ensure you use all muscle groups and keep your mind interested. I would suggest you buy one of their 8 or 4 week programs. They are very inexpensive and they really work! Hope this helps! x

Basma Khattab says:

i love you both you really changed my life because of your videos i lost 17 kgs . thank you sooo much

Yana Singh says:

Basma Khattab hey pls tell me which videos you actually used to lose that much of weight? im so confused from so many of them!

Basma Khattab says:

Any hiit cardio and weight training. Every two weeks i change the videos and i am training every day for 45 minutes

Yana Singh says:

Basma Khattab alright! thankyou so much for help 🙂

Samantha Cor says:

did you do the hiit workouts everyday?

Basma Khattab says:

Samantha Cor 5 days every week

ny_kia31 says:

Sweet! Lemme write out my will first.

Nash Lantey says:

ny_kia31 😂😂😂😂

Uchenna Okoye says:

ny_kia31 😂😂😂😂

Dieula Lumertine says:


FitnessBlender says:

😂 It’s not thaaat bad, is it?

belle says:

ny_kia31 Hilarious!

thefirstborn says:

Congratulation on your 4 million subscribers.

The quality of this channel really matches the results and impact on the world of fitness.
Thank you from South Africa.

FitnessBlender says:

Thank you, from the PNW all the way to South Africa!

FitnessBlender says:

How long have you been working out with us? Are you tackling this workout today?

Alina Suditu says:

I did it today. It killed me :))) But I am proud for doing it all! Thank you and congrats!

TheKawaiikowaii says:

FitnessBlender I started working out with you 3 months ago, 3 to 4 times a week, just finished this one ,still not losing any weight but I guess I’m building some muscle mass for now and over 40 years old must be harder to see results, but I won’t give up , I will reach my goal even if it takes me over a year. Thank you very much for all these work outs .

U A says:

FitnessBlender im definitely doing this workout but I already did a workout today before I saw this video :(. I’ve been exercising with you guys since 2013 I think or 2014

Cristina Campos says:

3 years now! Time flies! <3

LeChatNoir551 says:

like 2 years now. Thank you so much! I lost a lot of weight (like 60 pounds) 8 years ago and you have help me so much to keep me motived. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it, o simple don’t have the energy to workout everyday. But you videos are so amazing you keep everything real, and always keep saying to “listen to your body”, sometimes you don’t have the energy to workout everyday and that’s ok, and there’s no shame. Thank you so much Kelli and Daniel. Greetings from El Salvador, Central America :P.

Brittany Walker says:

Is there a link to this as a printable workout? Or am I overlooking it?

FitnessBlender says:

I just pushed it live 🙂 Printable 1000 calorie workout & info for this workout @ https://goo.gl/3B37Uj

Brittany Walker says:

Thanks! Yall are awesome! 🙂

Roseline Nyabuti says:

I had to pause to let them rest

cis star says:

Roseline Nyabuti best comment!😂😂😂😂

Bahati Yake says:

Roseline Nyabuti 😂😂

Bahati Yake says:

Roseline Nyabuti 😂😂😂😂

Samira Sugule says:


Sherri ._. says:


Angela M says:

Hi Kelli and Daniel!! 😀 I’m Angela, 21 years old, 5’3″, and currently 65kgs / 143lbs. I started using FB in September 2016. It is now April 2017 and I have lost 20kgs / 44lbs using your videos (along with a healthy and balanced diet) with further goals to achieve. I’m too shy to join a gym so I use FB in the comfort of my bedroom haha I will forever be grateful to you, Kelli and Daniel, for helping my weightloss journey! Your videos have changed my life and the way I perceive myself, and it has shown me that anything is possible if you work hard and stay committed. Thank you so much <3

Red FrenchHorn says:

Wow congrats on your progress. I can tell you feel really great about yourself and I would too. I hope your progress continues. That’s just like me I feel awkward working out at a gym too or anywhere people just stare at me and criticize. Home is the best place. 😊

Shreyanka Subba says:

Nth feels good as fb’s 1000 calorie workout! Congratulations to u both! I never tht I could do these intense workouts unless I started doing it with you…. more luck and more power to You both! You guys deserve it.

FitnessBlender says:

Agreed! I might do this today too!

Keely Bradshaw says:

Love you guys! FYI that your preview is just you guys on the break- not the upcoming exercise during the first HIIT section. 🙂 Thanks for all of the awesome content! I hope YT doesn’t try to screw you on the advertising revenue.

FitnessBlender says:

Just saw this – Thank you for letting us know. We will see what we can do to get it fixed!

Keely Bradshaw says:

No prob- I know what those damn high knees look like long before that timer clicks. 🙂

FitnessBlender says:


Noora M says:

*watches the whole thing in advance to make a mental note of where the star jumps are hiding*

lilyashy says:

Noora M omg i hate them too 😂

lily mancini says:

I’m gonna do this today, pray for me

Judit Jenei says:

gonna do this tomorrow! much love fb

Cristina Laura Mazzacua says:

YAS! my today workout! ty guys

Liv Walters says:

Did an hour of this and followed Kelli! This was a great workout! I definitely got sweaty and feel good 😂😂❤️ congrats and thanks for posting this!!

usha suresh says:

great workout waited so long for this

Jordan Dunkerson says:

RIP legs. Thanks for the ridiculous workout you two! Love all your videos.

Sophia N says:

Congratulations guys. Thank you for the new workouts!

Michelle Eves says:

I wish there was 45 minute 1000 cal workout …I don’t have much time with 5 kids

FitnessBlender says:

If someone tells you you’re burning 1000 calories in 45 minutes, they either don’t know what they’re talking about, or are just full of it 🙂

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