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A Day In The Life With A Newborn

October 25, 2017 - Comment

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Kat Nicole says:

He is a champ!! He didn’t get nipple confusion with paci. I was so scared of that. I was smiling while watching this. ❤️ so happy for you. I’ve had so many issues with breastfeeding. I wanted to cry watching him eat, but not in a bad way.. it’s a beautiful thing 💕 plus I’m emotional lol

Ashley Bows says:

Kat Nicole me too it’s such an amazing bond when breastfeeding .

Jenn's Journey says:

+Kat Nicole aww you’re so sweet! Yes I’m grateful he didn’t have nipple confusion. He basically will suck on anything lol.

Mary Beth Goodwin says:

George is gorgeous. You are so cute as a mom.

Jenn's Journey says:

+Mary Beth Goodwin thanks Mary Beth

Danielle Hartman says:

George is so beautiful. Congratulations you guys! You’re doing a great job!

Jenn's Journey says:

+Danielle Hartman thanks Danielle

connie Sue says:

Hes perfect what a beautiful little boy 💙& u r doing amazing momma

Jenn's Journey says:

+connie Sue thank you!!!

SimplySmiley04 says:

OH MY GOSH! He is the most precious, most perfect baby in the whole wide world. Congratulations!

Jenn's Journey says:

+SimplySmiley04 thank you so much!!! 💙💙💙

Elizabeth Lara says:

He’s absolutely precious very happy for you guys!!!!

Jenn's Journey says:

+Elizabeth Lara thank you 💙

Marie-France Grenier says:

He is absolutely adorable 💙💜💚

Jenn's Journey says:

+Marie-France Grenier thanks girl!

FoundIn Alaska says:

So beautiful!! Love your little family – he does look so much like Jim! You look fabulous!

Jenn's Journey says:

+FoundIn Alaska thank you so much 💕

Aria and Beyond says:

Loved this video. You are doing great, mama. Aria laughs when we change her diaper. Baby’s are funny. How is breastfeeding going? Jim looks so helpful too.

Jenn's Journey says:

+Aria and Beyond breastfeeding is going well! My nipples are just a bit sore but nipple cream is helping. Jim is super helpful. It was 50/50 during the two weeks he was home, but now that he’s back at work I take on most things

Paulina says:

Jen he does look a lot like Jim….. I just can’t get enough of lil George I will keep watching for more here and on Instagram @shabbyaddict2
Be Blessed <3

Jenn's Journey says:

+Paulina thanks Paulina 💙

flowermij says:

Congratulations on new baby George, he is adorable baby.

Jenn's Journey says:

+flowermij thank you 💕

Margaret Lisboa says:

Until you get a warmer for the baby wipes try cupping a couple of wipes in your hand it helps take the chill off of it 😄

Jenn's Journey says:

+Margaret Lisboa I’ve been doing that lately, thanks!

Emma x says:

He seems like a very content baby and I think it’s because you are so relaxed 🙂 My ebf babies would poop after almost every feed 😂
I was just wondering out of curiosity if Oliver needed to the toilet where does he go? And how do you manage to take him with a newborn 😁 you’re supermum! x

Jenn's Journey says:

+Emma x thank you!!! Oliver goes outside when we are on walks but we also have a pee pad down for him in our bathroom and he is trained to go there.

Emma x says:

Jenn’s Journey Aw clever little thing! He’s so cute loved it when he sat on your lap 🙂 x

kay zion says:

He is so cute i still cnt tell who he resembles more …. im due in 12 days lol i cnt belive it

Jenn's Journey says:

+kay zion so exciting! Good luck!

kay zion says:

Jenn’s Journey thank you so much… looking forward to more of ur vlogs ..love from chicago

Jo A says:

He is crazy beautiful!!! Now I’m broody, dammit!!

Fashion Net Larios says:

He is so cute

M Rivera says:

Congratulations ..

Lisbeth Ochoa says:

He’s precious!! Could you do a video on baby essentials? Or things you recommend

Jasmin Perez says:

Lol @ the poor mans doc a tot !!
I can’t see myself spending $300 either ..

Fluffylicious To Healthylicious says:

💓❤️💓awe thank you for sharing him with us! He’s beautiful!

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