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Abs and HIIT Cardio Workout – No Equipment Lower Body and Core Challenge

October 30, 2017 - Comment

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رودي وبس says:

God bless you, we want more of 1000 calories

عبير البُخَيتي says:

رودي وبس
There is many workout
Burn1000 calories
In this wonderful channel

رودي وبس says:

عبير البُخَيتي ya,l know but I want more

Valentina Pérez Duque says:

Where are your shoes?!!

Elvina Ulrich says:

Valentina Pérez Duque Haha! I was thinking the same too!

Shaheena says:

Valentina Pérez Duque haha I never wear shoes when working out inside 😀

veronica bellotti says:

Its abs so no jumping about.

Valentina Pérez Duque says:

what do you mean no jumps? there’s star jumps, jumping lunges, pop squats, burpees, etc.

FitnessBlender says:

Good morning – We hope you enjoy this HIIT & Abs Workout. Full info @ https://goo.gl/9NjQjz
Q: How many times a week do you workout?
Read about how often to do HIIT workouts, why they work & how to use them @ https://goo.gl/dr7nBn

betsy5a says:

Anywhere from 3-6 times a week depending on my energy level.

Lorel lorelll says:

FitnessBlender every day

Gittel Gluck says:

4 times a week

Farooq Qadir says:

5 times a week with fitnessblender.

Bonnie Huang says:

FitnessBlender I have been working out with FB for over 1 year now but most of the time off and on so my results have been minimum. Since two three months ago I’ve started working out consistently with you guys. Because I work 12 hour shifts and half of the time night shifts so it is hard to have energy for workouts on my work days. Again, results were disappointing and I wasn’t losing weight. Not until I watched your video talking about how much and how often exercise needed to lose weight. Its a game changer for me! I happen to be on leave for work now so for the past week I worked out everyday using your 1 week challenge and the results are immediate. I’ve only lost 2 lbs in 5 days and but I can feel those are solids loss. And I notice the changes in my body strength and endurance. I love how you instill the idea of changing workout goal to “what your body can do” rather can what it looks likes or the weight tells you. I am at the very beginning of self improvement and eternally grateful for your workout videos and educational videos as well! Thank you so much and I will make sure to keep it up!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Lidia Jastrzębska says:

i love when someone who i workout with doesnt wear any shoes cuz i never do and I feel special connection hahahaha

Amanda Yeo says:

Lidia Jastrzębska im barefoot on a mat!

Audrey Indu says:

Lidia Jastrzębska I was just about to comment this too 😂

Susan Hayes says:

Loved this workout! Thanks so much for everything you do – love the variety of your workouts!

kloekat62 says:

Thanks @fitnessBlender about to do this workout

Teresa Bloodworth says:

I am an overweight 58 year old woman. Currently I am working out on a bowflex for strength, and have decided to add your workouts to my program. I am finding that my balance is pretty bad, but especially when I am on one foot. Do you have any workouts that might address this problem?


My journey with fitness blender begin on 2016 when I was around 90-95 kilos and now in 2017, I can proudly say that i’m in best shape of my life and currently I’m 60 kilos and I have visible abs and it makes a lot of changes in my life and my lifestyle.Daniel and Kelly, you are awesome and if I don’t know about fitness blender my life would go somewhere else……THANKS fitness blender

Amanda Yeo says:

Oooooohhhhh YAY, NEW WORKOUT!! gonna do this a few days later because just yesterday i did the 20 minutes ab routine and am still having trouble sitting up without support, and sneezing. lol

maki 15 says:

Yeey i am doing this today! Thank youuuuu you guys

Jolene says:

I have just finished this workout and I hate it which means “such a good workout, excellent job guys” 👏🌻

SuperAleer says:

I haven’t even done this yet, but I adore this format/lower body HIIT with abs. Exactly what I’ve been hoping you would come out with.
Thanks so much!

Ameena Ali says:

I have never seen a fitness blender workout video with barefoot!!

Adia Money Selenator says:

These kinds of workouts make me feel like i’m killing the game 🙂

DaMarcus008 says:

I just wanna say thank y’all for giving me the opportunity to getting in the shape that I’m destined to be in. I live in Texas, and I just feel like y’all are here in my house personally motivating me to keep on moving. I’ve been doing y’alls workouts for a good while and I really do hope that someday that I can meet you guys and give y’all a BIG TEXAS HUG!! Thanks Fitness Blender you are the best.

Magda Kamińska says:

done! this is my new favorite workout! 🙂 <3

WhydidImakeayoutubeaccount _ says:

awsome routine! Just finised it and I feel weirdly alive and dead at the same time haha keep it up guys!

Theonewiththe Dreams says:

Already feeling this and I haven’t even started. It’s a love and hate relationship between Fitness blender and I…😩

Katerina Naumova says:

I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I did this routine with modification. I used your videos during my first trimester and I plan to go on using them. My doctor encouraged me to exercise but told me I should be able to talk while exercising and told me to avoid crunches and twisting poses like Russian twist. I can still do planks from my knees so I replaced all crunches with plan variations. Could you make a core workout for pregnant women? Thank you so much for demonstrating low impact modifications 🙂

MegaTejci says:

This types of workout is my favorite, but can you pleas do more hiit and strenght .

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