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And Before The Haters Freak Out…

October 24, 2018 - Comment

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Lisa C Texas says:

I don’t know what kind of beans those are but I’ve never met a bean I didn’t love😁..kind of favor our big limas but not as big. I love watching your videos Jenn,you inspire me and I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to make these❤️

Jenn's Journey says:

Aw thank you!!! All Beans are awesome lol

nikilouise Rogers says:

Awwh you sung the wiggles song .
Omg your son’s laugh is so so gorgeous.xo

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you!! Ya he loves the wiggles 💕

Corinthia Preble says:

George is so freaking cute!! I’ve commented on your posts before. I totally understand your issue with eating 😕 I have BED also. It’s hard, I can’t ever seem to find a trigger either. It WILL happen, just keep trying. I decided to do keto, this last time for me. While I’m not a huge fan of it, the strict structure of it helped me get into a mindset were I can control myself. I lost 50lbs just before having my baby #4, and finally a year after having baby #5 I’m here and actually ready to go again. You can do it! Just remember you aren’t the same person you were and try to get yourself some slack!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thanks girl! I feel like it’s hard to focus on a major weight loss journey while having babies and breastfeeding. I don’t mean losing 20lbs of baby weight, I mean serious weight loss. I have to lose over 100lbs and that’s overwhelming at the beginning

Corinthia Preble says:

Jenn’s Journey I totally get it!! I need to ideally loose around 120lbs to be in a normal BMI range 😱 breastfeeding is HARD. Cravings are real, that unsustainable hungry is real. I’ve been having issues with low blood sugar numbers and I think it’s because of nursing also! I’m just about 11mo PP, so my daughter doesn’t need a ton from me, but it’s still enough to need more calories and carbs

Aryat O says:

I’m going through exactly the same feeling you’re going through! It’s been so hard to lose weight after I had my 2nd. I haven’t being diagnosed but I’m pretty sure I have BED. Anyway, loved watching this cute vid of the cousins together!! 🤗❤️️

Jenn's Journey says:

It’s nice to know I’m not alone 💕

Aryat O says:

Jenn’s Journey You’re definitely not alone! The hardest part has been to start again when I’m 100% focus on taking care of my son’s, household and husband. I’m so overwhelmed with everything but even taking time for myself doesn’t seem feasible. I hope we can get through this and rise above! Big hug Mama!

Fashion Net Larios says:

Omg George is so cute!!! Love his cute laugh. Girl I understand where you coming from. Leaving on the 3 floor while pregnant and then after having my baby it was so hard going up and down the stairs.😫😫😫 my relationship with food has got better, but I do get anxious about food and eat everything I get my hands on. One thing I have change is when I have that craving of eating I make a glass of tea and that normally help. You are doing great, keep the openness and keep the raw and realness that you share with us. You will find that balance and get back on track. It does take a min. ❤️

Jenn's Journey says:

My relationship with food was getting better during my weight loss journey as well, I hate that I have to start from scratch now 😩

Rag Doll Made It says:

Hi Jenn, that’s so true, starting is the hardest, it took me almost a year to stick to anything. But you’ll see when George gets a little more independent you’ll have more time for figuring out stuff. Lots of love.❤

Jenn's Journey says:

Yes I know that will help. Right now I’m by myself most of the time with George and I have zero time to myself. Jim works all day and then goes to the gym for 2 hours so he literally gets home just before George goes to bed. Sometimes it’s hard to even just make dinner without having jim home to help with George let alone me having time for the gym

OKMoM life says:

We can do it!!! We are warriors!!! Love ya gurl!!!

Aida Megrikian says:

I can very much relate to the panic.. for me it’s panic of failing yet again!! So why try…But I think talking it out and vocalizing how you’re feeling is a step toward the right direction. I am starting yet again and vowing to not get down on myself which I do so well. I need to lose 70lbs.. going to approach it as if I have a 10lb goal.. 7 times. Good luck!! Let’s move in this direction together 😊💃🏻💪🏻
PS.. the boys are adorable 💙💙

Jenn's Journey says:

That’s an awesome plan! One step at a time

Claudia Flores says:

This video made my day watching George laugh so much! Anyways, I understand what you’re going through Jenn because I feel the same way about food. It’s not easy to start the journey. Sometimes I doubt myself but then I remember that I’ve done it before so I pray for the motivation to come to me again.

Jenn's Journey says:

I don’t know why I’m struggling so much to start when I know I’ve done it before, I think it’s because I give no time for myself. My life is all about my son right now

Claudia Flores says:

+Jenn’s Journey
Don’t be so hard on yourself Jenn. You’re busy with George right now and that’s okay. You’re doing the best you can right now. You’re an excellent mom and wife. The time will come when you will be ready and have time to work out and start your journey. You are doing great already. I see that you cook healthy meals so you are doing you’re part. You have started your journey already 😉

Horton Who says:

As someone that struggles with food, I understand exactly what you’re talking about! I have to remind myself that just my meal isn’t my last meal etc, I don’t have to finish everything etc—it’s like my brain hates the idea of portion control, it wants all of it all the time. Not sure I’m even explaining any better lol, but I just try to tell myself things like having a little now–I can have more later if I need—and if I’m not wanting it later than great! It sounds counterintuitive, but I actually snack and eventually binge way worse when I don’t have things like ice cream, cookies, etc etc etc in the house–I panic, I want it there, but I hardly ever touch it or think about it. But if it’s gone, that is all I think about until I get some in the house and then binge on it. So I buy the forbidden stuff, my husband and kids eat it and it doesn’t bother me. Weird huh?

Jenn's Journey says:

Omg yes! I always have to finish my food even if I’m painfully full! I don’t have the ability to wait for later I want it all now. That’s how I know it’s a drug to me

Releasing the Woman Within says:

Hey! Here is a thought. This has helped tone down a lot of my anxiety. I read somewhere that if you discover the “theme of your fear” it will help bring to light why you have the desire to overeat. For example, my theme mantra is: “oh no- everything will go bad and it’s all my fault” …. I had to dig deep to find this inner belief, but now that I know the fear that’s running my life it has helped. This has taught me that because I feel so “guilty” all the time, I feel the need to eat because I would love to drown out or “hide” from my fears and “false punishments” … I hope this makes sense!!! It has helped me greatly because now I can learn to laugh at it. I’ve been in a depression funk for the past 6 months so I’ve learned a lot lol.
George is tooooo cute!!! Him and his little cousin!!! 🙂🙂🙂 you have the sweetest family. 🙂 much love girl! You got this. You will figure this out!! I just know it!!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thanks for your support girl!

Frances Lipscomb says:

Whenever I try to start eating healthy or lose weight, I always think “but I need to finish the food I have already, I don’t want to waste it”. The struggle is real.

Jenn's Journey says:

YAS!!! So me

Michelle Martinez says:

Ugh, the struggle is definitely real!

BlueNoodle79 says:

Me too!!


OMG loved this video. It was relaxing seeing your son being himself. Sooo cute! Definitely confirmed for me how badly I want a baby of my own. My hubby and I are currently trying right now. I’m also working parallel to lose weight. So, far lost 10lbs in 3 weeks 🙂 Super happy but it’s hard – so I totally understand what you’ve shared. Just started following you on instagram I’m shapingjenn on insta 🙂

Jenn's Journey says:

Congrats on your weight loss so far that’s amazing! And baby dust to you and your hubby ✨


Awww thank you! Made me tear up 🙂 And if it’s a boy we are naming him GEORGE! My husband’s name is George the 4th so he wants to keep passing that down lol 🙂 Hope you all have a great weekend.

Jenn's Journey says:

Aww!!! We named George after my father in law. I wasn’t happy to have a name chosen for me but after a few months I fell in love with the name. My son made it his own and suits it well

Lulu Stelea says:

I would love to be your fitness buddy. I need a person next even mentally to help me start and to maintain the diet. It is hard for sure. You can do it xx

maggiex312 says:

Hi Jenn, George is so adorable. How amazing that he and your nephew will grow up together. I also wanted to say that I was watching all of your old videos and it was so inspiring seeing you in your stride. I totally understand about the mentality to weight loss and something “clicking” before that’s what gets you to workout. I hope that moment comes to you soon and I can’t wait to be there supporting you!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you so much for your support 💕

Angela Savvides says:

Omg Jenn I totally get the panic thing. Every other day I say to myself “right I’m starting tomorrow” so I’ll have the biggest baddest feast I can just in case I never get to have that food again. What is that?? Why on earth should it even matter? Why are we so scared that we will miss these foods so much that we’d rather stay the way we are and be unhappy? It’s definitely an addiction… x

Jenn's Journey says:

I hate it 😩 I wish I wasn’t like that

susan doner says:

Give yourself a break. The time goes by sooo fast. You are a great mom! I just took my son to college. ! Everything with your body will work itself out!

Bitter Sweet says:

You have a very calming voice.

Yuri Medrano says:

His laugh is so cute 😍

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