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At Home Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout – Pilates Workout for Lower Body

October 23, 2018 - Comment

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Mei Wong says:

Yayyyyy! Pilates! My favourite 🙂

FitnessBlender says:

Have fun with it! Let me know what you think.

Hossein Moradi says:

Your exercises are very good.only do the exercises a little slowly, focus on movements,

tbl gaming says:

Mei Wong can I ask you a question?? What is harder and more efficient? regular pushups or my push ups: you put your arms in front of your head(so you are not able to see them when you are going down)??? Please answer

Mike Jacobs says:

Mei Wong LOVE lt

Therese P says:

Oh my!! Ive just finished a pilates workout when this popped up on my notifications 😀

Therese P says:

A workout complete for butt and thigh as well!! 😁

Niki Gord says:

Finally you guys are back after a loooooong break! Was beginning to wonder if yall forgot about us! lol…glad ur back! will do this sometime this week…today is HIIT day 😀 @fitnessblender Take care from Jamaica!

FitnessBlender says:

We missed you guys! We’ve been working the whole time, just taking a breather from new releases & social media in order to try and catch our breath. It takes a lot of bts work to keep everything up & running. Have fun with your HIIT!

Basma Khattab says:

Welcome back Kelli. We really miss you 😍😍

FitnessBlender says:

I missed you guys too.

Hassan Qaayow says:

Basma Khattab S de de MMadrid c yym

Yurub Abshir says:


dalia maritza says:

I love pilates. Thanks you.

beautifulgal92 says:

She’s my favorite exercise person on YouTube. She’s the absolute best.

L Lewis says:

I used a resistance band for this. It sure makes the exercises harder but I love the burnnnnn. Thanks Kelli 😊

Swede Potato Pie says:

Lisha Lewis I tried but I cannot handle the thing and end up wriggling around all tied up like a psychotic caterpillar 🐛 😷🙈 My bf laughed at me so hard he cracked his toe in the process and he won’t give it back to me so I can’t do any more damage 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

L Lewis says:

Swede Potato Pie you must’ve either had it on wrong or your form itself was wrong. They do feel weird at first but the more you use it, it gets comfortable

Manssour Lahcen says:

L Lewis de la

Macie Marie says:

Swede Potato Pie the cheap ones really will do that. Or a lot do after awhile. You can get a hip circle with a slip grip inside but they are a little harder than the mini bands at first

Gary Thomas says:

Thanks Kelli for sharing again. I’ve been working out with fitness blender for over two years. Best workouts out there. It’s always nice working out with you. Great motivation. You’re the best.

Tailor Made English/ Inglés a tu medida! says:

Thanks!!! I work out every day with your workouts. I started a 90 days challenge with a friend to lose weight. I was 67kg and after 60 days I’m 59kg :)….my goal is 58…yay!!!!!

Saad Aamir says:

Delete routine??

Tatum Melcher says:

*I have been dropping weight like never before, applying the diet plan > **** . It’s been the most successful strategy I’ve ever implemented….*

Ayesha Kalsoom says:

Tailor Made English/ Inglés a tu medida! How you can? I want also

Ayesha Kalsoom says:

With diet or just? Exercise

Jennie Jennie says:

Good job! I got more efford now

Cor Blimey! says:

Pilates upper body workout next please!

Solin T. says:

Sitting at the desk all day has left me with major lower back pain. This workout was a relief! I haven’t worked out in a while, but this will help me ease into it again. THANK YOU GUYS! Loved the routine, it wasn’t super hard but definitely nice for an evening workout in between study sessions. <3

Swede Potato Pie says:

Solin T. Have u checked in with ur GP? Because I thought the same thing and it turned out to be scoliosis. U can get headaches as well which I would’ve ascribed to the sitting/office work too so I’m glad I found out the reason by chance (an orthopaedic doctor looking at my back) ..And it made all the difference in the world having had the diagnosis 🙂👍🏻

Bilal Bhatti says:

It was 8 p.m. I’m tired, been studying and sending out job applications all day. Was gonna skip a workout today, but figured pilates is a nice “recovery” workout. Man did I need this! The 4k is a nice touch too! :p

weyni haile says:

*eating a bag of chips* but hey nice body boo

Dannie7Starr says:

weyni haile …..

alyssa Scarlet says:

I love that there was no squats in this workout and i still felt the burn

Oonagh Piner says:

Brilliant, at last something thorough at a normal pace, thanks, I’m hooked! No more having to dance around like an energiser bunny!

Sameer Mujawar says:

my sister doing workout regularly and she is following only your channel.she has lost 8 kg in 4 months and she give all credits to you.she really thanks to you & you are her best fitness trainer .she really loves you.

paznatalia says:

that is so great!

Trilisa J says:

Legit the first workout I’ve seen where the instructor tells you to listen to your body and find where your most comfortable. It made me feel really good at the end of the workout and motivated me to keep going. Thank you so much for this. Its absolutely amazing

Sakura Kinomoto says:

I love this workout. I do this everyday with the standing abs and crunchless abs workout and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I have really fat thighs and legs but this workout has helped slim down my legs a lot I can wear my favorite jeans now 😀

Kelly s says:

did you pair this workout with another workouts, like cardio hiit or strength training?

GLW says:

Very inspiring!

Sherlyn Estrera says:

Am I the only one reading the comments to make sure it works?

Sherlyn Estrera says:

well, good thing it really works for me😇

Cara lex says:

Sherlyn Estrera of course it works you just have to do it everyday n eat healthy

Maria Sono says:

no your not, I mostly read comments just to make sure what Im getting myself into.

Monica Stella Gutierrez says:

Sherlyn Estrera d

veppie0 says:

I have hip arthrosis and this work-out really helps strengthen the muscles around the joint. Also it is really nice to be reminded that having a limited range of motion doesn’t matter. I love your video’s, thanks for making them!

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