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Baby’s First Bath At Home

October 14, 2017 - Comment

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Shalonna Baide says:

Congratulations! your baby is so adorable!

Genevieve says:

Awww! You two are doing so great! Your son is beautiful! May God bless you all! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! I’m curious what Oliver thinks of the new baby 💕

Mits Mom says:

Such a calm (and cute) little guy!!! 💙💙

missdolphin13 says:

Soooo precioussss 🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

Mistie Dwyer says:

Good job guys! He was so content! Such a cutie!! 💙❤️

Mikayla Slawson says:

it was soo funny my 3 yr old son said the baby was cute and grabbed the phone to give him a kiss haha

maremacd says:

He is a beautiful newborn. He looks like a babydoll!

Caroline Eddy says:

He seems like such a relaxed baby!!! Congrats to both of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

kimlynnc says:

Aww he’s so calm during his bath.

Danielle Hartman says:

He’s so beautiful!! He’s making me excited for my second baby to come in January! My oldest always loved his bath time. Congrats to you both!

Tamara_Loe says:

You have been blessed with such a laid back little boy. So adorable! Congrats!

Mariana Mendoza says:

How sweet Jenn…you guys did great and he was so calm through the process. I am excited to meet my boy in February, I am loving to see how you guys develop as parents…you guys are awesome!!!! ☺

Aria and Beyond says:

He is so adorable. So alert and calm. Aria was the same way when she had her first home bath. She didn’t cry at all. I think it is because they know mom and dad are there. You both are doing a great job. He is beautiful.

Nemarie Maskie says:

He’s sooooo adorable… great job you guys…👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Shauna Hoare says:

So precious! I already have 2 children (5 and 3) hoping for baby #3 soon.. this makes me so excited to have a little bundle again! 💜

kaitlyn x says:

Omg he loooved that what a sweet heart 😍

Amy says:

I will be having my first in 3-4 weeks. I just LOVED this! I would so enjoy seeing anything you feel up to sharing about caring for a newborn! 🙂 Congratulations again! He is so adorable!

Kisses Benney says:

Omg!! This is giving me way too much feels!

Enza Giardetti says:

What a great job you guys did! Lol I was laughing the whole time watching his expressions! Hey Jenn, dont think he got enough to eat at the last feeding lol 😉 he looks soo happy and peaceful and warm and comfortable. You’re doing an amazing job!

iheart pink88 says:

He’s so calm ❤❤❤

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