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BABY’S FIRST SOLID FOOD + What I Ate Today For Weight Loss

February 10, 2018 - Comment

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Helga Domguez says:

What a cutie, delicious food! How long are you planning on staying home with George?

Jenn's Journey says:

For the unseeable future 💕

juniorny07 says:

My daughter just turned 5 month n she been eating rice cereal since 3 month at 4 month she started eating vegetables and fruits the dr gave me the ok.

Jenn's Journey says:

They grow up too fast 😩

minimalist life says:

George! why do you have to be so cute..stop growing up so fast😊😊😊

Jenn's Journey says:


1derlandbound says:

When you give him milk, is it always “straight from the tap”? When he was eating the rice, it looked like he was just used to moving his mouth the way he would on a breast. Lol my son was the same way when he started eating pureed solids. I don’t think that soup looks bad at all, by the way! Some of the “ugliest” food turns out to be some of the most delicious stuff you could ever eat.

Jenn's Journey says:

Lol yes it’s always directly from the tap 😂

Stella Spinoula says:

Γιώργο είσαι κούκλος !Να σαι καλα μωρό μου!

Stella Spinoula says:

Και εμεις τρώμε συχνά φακές είναι πολύ υγειηνές!

Enza Giardetti says:

Yay George! 😊 missed your what I ate videos, thank you!

YTMashup says:


Mel's Weight Loss Journey says:

Oh my gosh he is growing up so fast! He is so cute!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you so much

Jules' Journey to Health says:

All that food looked so good. And Georgie is so adorable! I miss these days with my son. He’s going to be 3 this year 😭

Jenn's Journey says:

Are you planning to have a second child? I can imagine missing the baby stage and wanting another one but man it will be hard to. Juggle

Jules' Journey to Health says:

Jenn’s Journey one was enough, my body couldn’t handle the pregnancy very well and due to other medical issues surgery needed to be done which makes it impossible for me to have more. But there is always adoption!

Tessbridgesfitness says:

He is growing so much. He did so well with his first solids. Aria wasn’t that eager her first time. He is so adorable. PS I loved seeing George with the crocheted octopus ☺

Melissa Ramirez says:

Oh my goodness, George is so adorable. He enjoyed his rice cereal.

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