Best ways to lose belly fat: Diet tips and workouts to burn belly fat | Weight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body FatWeight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body Fat

Best ways to lose belly fat: Diet tips and workouts to burn belly fat

February 14, 2017 - Comment

Exactly how do you shed stubborn belly fat? The best ways to shed reduced tummy fat? Ways to get rid of love handles? Exercise & diet plan suggestions for outcomes @ New 4 Week "Bored Conveniently" Program now offered @ We make use of PowerBlock's flexible dumbbells: Stay on top of us on facebook @

Exactly how do you shed stubborn belly fat? The best ways to shed reduced tummy fat? Ways to get rid of love handles? Exercise & diet plan suggestions for outcomes @
New 4 Week "Bored Conveniently" Program now offered @

We make use of PowerBlock's flexible dumbbells:

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FitnessBlender says:

I’m starting into a vlogging project, depending on feedback from you guys – if you want to see more of these, let me know! Next week’s topic is how to train & eat to gain muscle/weight. Leave any questions you want me to cover in the comments!

Julia Miasoiedova says:

We definitely want to see more of these videos! Keep up the good work, Kelli! You’re the best! 😊

K Hodgson says:

Yes!! Please do more of these!

alison hilaire says:

If the dog is still there I will definitely tune in 😉 I think that your pace when you talk, the colors in your living room and the ADORABLE dog have a soothing effect on me, so perfect to reduce stress levels and lose more belly fat 🙂

Selene Luna says:

Yes more vlogging.

Lena Pape says:

Yes, please! And pleeeaase add take outs whenever you can 😊
I would love some more info on meal timing. I have a very long day, juggling two jobs and uni and I sometimes feel lost about when to eat and what to eat at which time. I usually delay breakfast until I’m at work to save some time at home in the morning. I gather that’s all right?

Danny Boy says:

A live of a dog it so splendid. That dog right there is in heaven I presume. Relaxed, Comfy, no exercises need it. Just eat, relax and sleep.
P.s. Thanks for the info by the way. #govegan

Courtney McFarland says:

Danny Boy I think he probably exercises daily. A well exercised dog is a relaxed dog.

Danny Boy says:

Oh no doubt

keilanatalierose says:

I’m listening to you Kelly, but staring at your dog.

Sandra Kassouf says:

keilanatalierose 😂😂😂

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

I love how he pretends he doesn’t care about being popular, but hey, he is somehow on every picture almost… Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

alejandra maria celis says:

lol me too!!

FitnessBlender says:

Understandable. He is a seriously cute dude.

Barbora Misakova says:

I think most of us do 😀

pallawi jain says:

Is counting macros really important to reach one’s goals?

Courtney McFarland says:

pallawi jain Short answer: in my opinion, Yes.

Long answer… technically if want to lose weight and you are in a caloric deficit you will lose weight no matter what your macros are, but you may not get the physique you want- you might lose more muscle than fat if your protein is too low and carbs or fat is too high. If you are bulking and are in a caloric surplus you will gain weight, but without tracking macros you might gain more fat and less muscle than you want. Also if you eat mostly whole real foods in appropriate portions you are pretty likely to get a good macronutrient balance, but to be SURE that you are getting in the right macros the only way to know is to track. If you want to retain or gain muscle you must consume adequate protein. To have proper hormonal function you need an appropriate amount of dietary fat. You need a certain amount of carbs for energy and metabolic function. Without tracking you may or may not get the results you want. Once you’ve tracked for a while though and once you get to maintenance mode it’s probably fine to stop tracking macros because you’ll have a good idea of what you need to consume- but just keep aware of your body and weight and if things start moving in the wrong direction you can always start tracking again and make adjustments.

Again just my opinion, and everyone’s got one.

FitnessBlender says:

I don’t do it and I wouldn’t recommend it long term. I don’t recommend ANY kind of tracking long term; I think it’s unnatural and for a lot of people it can be a slippery slope into becoming obsessed with every little variable of intake and expenditure. It’s important to have a smart breakdown of macros that makes you feel great, but I think that tracking might be something best used to learn what a healthy meal, or day of meals, looks like. But I wouldn’t recommend doing it longer than 2-4 weeks.

Courtney McFarland says:

I guess it really depends on the person and their specific goals- for me personally I gained a lot of weight due to a health condition and the related stress and inability to exercise because of it, and also I just tend to be heavier anyways but gained an extra 20 pounds on top of already being chubby…

After I got surgery and got better I had a long way to go to get back in shape and drop the excess fat. I tried eating clean whole healthy foods and working out (weight lifting 3 times a week for an hour plus HIIT cardio and walking and hiking on the days in between), and basically all the tips Kelley mentions in this video, but after 9 months I still had practically no weight/fat loss…

It took me having to track my calories and macros to discover I was eating too many calories and not nearly enough protein. All that I did was start tracking calories with a mild deficit of 300 calories less than TDEE and started tracking macros to make sure I got about 90 to 100 grams of protein per day. After months and months of no progress, I finally started losing weight AND gaining strength and muscle as soon as I started tracking macros. I am now almost to a healthy BMI after 4.5 months of tracking and I feel the strongest and healthiest I ever have in my life!

So yeah for the average person who just wants to get more fit or be healthy it’s maybe not that essential… and it isn’t the most natural thing I agree- it could lead to disordered eating or food obsession if a person has those tendencies- but I had a lot of weight to lose and my natural inclination is to consume too many calories, too many carbs, and not enough protein. I would probably never have been able to reach my goals without tracking.

Family50315 says:

Yu should do like a gain muscle vs lose which one u should do first to get the results yu want.cuz I want a nice toned butt(cuz there’s nothing there) lol but I know I NEED to push cardio and lose the extra fat BEFORE I try to put on muscle and increase my calorie intake so that I can gain muscle and get it would be nice to get some help with y’all 👍🏽😍💪🏽

FitnessBlender says:

“I know I NEED to push cardio and lose the extra fat BEFORE I try to put on muscle” <-- This is actually very wrong! You DON'T want to wait to start into strength training - strength training is one of the best ways to lose fat. Make sure to watch this video, it explains in more detail.

Wivine Ngalamulume says:

I have read about this and I am glad that you confirm the information I already know. I have also a question for Kelli. Is it possible if you can upload a workout for the time of the month for the women. I like working out with FB so I hope that you can create a workout video for the period. Thanks in advance and I will keep on working out with you.

FitnessBlender says:

Hi Wivine, I’ve covered that before: There are a list of nice & easy workouts on that page, too 🙂

Wivine Ngalamulume says:

Hi FB, thanks for the quick reply. I haven’t read the article about that. I have only seen a video on YouTube and I was wondering why I couldn’t find a workout video on the channel. But I have seen alternatives that I will apply during that time of the month. Thank you and much love

mina dady says:

dommage que vos vidéos ne soit pas sous titré en français ,pour les séances de sport sa vas, mais je ne comprend pas grand choses

Pia Elena says:

elle dit qu’on ne peut pas contrôler la palce où on perd des poids mais en général c’est très important de boire assez d’eau, de manger des repas frais (beaucoup de legumes, des fruits) et pas de malbouffe. En outre on doit dormir suffisamment (8h/ nuit) et faire attention de ne pas avoir trop de stress. ce qui est important aussi c’est la tenue et ne te compare pas avec des autres parce que chaque corps est différent.
j’éspère que je pouvais t’aider. excusse-moi si j’ai fait des fautes parce que le francais n’est pas ma langue maternelle 🙂

mina dady says:

Pia Elena ah oui tu m’as bien aider 😊,merci beaucoup, idem pour moi le français n’est pas ma langue maternelle mais je le maîtrise mieux que l’anglais☺,merci encore.

mldfry says:

take that mike chang😤

Megan says:

Loved this! We humans tend to complicate things, sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics! 🙂

Lexi Casanova says:

Do you have tips for eating out healthy? Eating healthy but still being able to be social? Thanks so much!

Lindsey Lou says:

Would love to see a video on intuitive eating can you possibly do that at all?

FitnessBlender says:

I am planning on covering this soon 🙂

Mon P. says:

Can you do a vlog on best pre and post foods for cardio days and weight training days? Same food, different food?

Adrian Gloria says:

Vlogging style, yessss I’m here for it!!!!!

SouthernMel says:

What are your thoughts on probiotics? I’m thinking of starting taking them.

FitnessBlender says:

Try our newest workout (awesome for building muscle & reducing body fat!) @

B E says:

I’m sorry if I missed it in the video but is there a way to lose fat that’s as effective as hiit but low impact? I can’t do hiit for medical reasons and have lost a lot of weight but still have a lot of fat because I can’t do high impact 🙁

FitnessBlender says:

Strength training! Jump free, completely scaleable for fitness level, & very effective at burning body fat (and it comes with a very, very long list of health benefits). – – Always talk to your doctor first, of course.

B E says:

FitnessBlender Thankyou so much 🙂

TheBrazenGirl says:

Thumbs up for poor poochie, I hope he is recovering well 🙁

FitnessBlender says:

He is. This was filmed before his surgery, but he is doing really well so far!

Chandasouk says:

You continue to look amazing

Rasha Sharif says:

Kellie I want to know what are the best workout during period or when sick/in pain?

Raising the Reeps says:

Great tips, thanks!

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