Brutal HIIT Cardio and Strength Butt and Thigh Workout - Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle (Bored Easily) | Weight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body FatWeight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body Fat

Brutal HIIT Cardio and Strength Butt and Thigh Workout – Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle (Bored Easily)

January 8, 2017 - Comment

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FitnessBlender says:

Hit the thumbs up button if you’re earning your workout complete today!
Happy New Year – We’ve got lots of good stuff coming your way in 2017. Find
our new FBsweat Program @

Batree shock says:

FitnessBlender best exersice course ever

Irina Vujaklija says:

Thank you very much for all your workouts! Happy new year to you guys, and
one question. What is the best time for doing HIIT? Morning or the
afternoon? Big hi from Spain!

Cassandra Khan says:

Irina Vujaklija thfgg

Conan Fox says:

FitnessBlender kelly you look amazing in those yoga pants my love. ❤☺

Saint Barbie says:

doing this a month after my son is born….love your workouts.

Jennifer Chittenden says:

Saint Barbie be careful you should be giving your body atleast 6 weeks
recovery after giving birth! 🙂

Nurdan Baran says:

Jennifer Chittenden
every person/body is different… I am sure her body will tell her if it’s
not ready! 🙂

Saint Barbie says:

+Jennifer Chittenden thank you I’ll check with my doctor before I begin.

FitnessBlender says:

Which do you like better; HIIT or strength training, and why?

reema rema says:

FitnessBlender then cardio*

Dorota K says:

I love both. The format of this workout is my favorite way to train.

Jasmin Bobs says:

FitnessBlender HIIT! I lift as the gym and do hiit at home.

clemontinediva says:

hard to choose – hiit makes me feel really agile & coordinated, strength
makes me feel really strong – anytime I do one more than the other in a
day, I kinda yearn miss the other so I love workouts that combine both!

helenalways says:

Strength definitely!!!!

Shinta Tiwi says:

Hi Kelly, I have a very noticeable double chin. Can you suggest what kind
of excercises which can help reduce the appearance of double chin? I know
my question sounds funny but I’d training with you guys for a month now,
and I lost 2,5kg. But my double chin is not reduce. I hope you will answer
this silly question, hehehe..

ElleChi24 says:

Shinta Tiwi me too. maybe cardio classes?

Bonnie Dorman says:

The double chin is the hardest to get fat off. Eventually you will start to
notice the double chin disappear if you keep going. As Daniel and Kelly
says the only way to get off fat in one particular part of the body is to
lose fat everywhere. There’s no particular exercise that targets it.
However, what you might need is toning your chin/neck. Cobra stretch has
been really helpful for me. Anything that tightens the muscle under the
chin. Double chin can also be caused by poor posture. So try and keep a
good straight back all the time and do some neck and shoulder rolls when
sitting at the desk for a long time etc. But cobra stretch definitely.

Shinta Tiwi says:

Bonnie Dorman thank you so much for your information 😊

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

Holy mother of happy place… this one looks scary as hell.

See you tomorrow!

Surullinen says:

Aleksandra Ostrowska Jak miło zobaczyć tu Polkę 🙂 Program nie jest aż taki
straszny, chociaż uda palą 😉

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

O witam 😀 Dzisiaj był brzuch, więc tego potworka zostawiam na jutro!

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

Ok, I did it. That…was….intense…

chikita bonita says:

kelly has hip i dont feel that bad

Quitzé V says:

chikita bonita first of all, they are not something to fix, they’re not a
problem, they’re just a variation on genetics. They appear depending on
your bone structure, as you can see, Kelli has an amazing body and
exercises correctly and she’s totally healthy and she has “hip dips”. Any
person can have them and it doesn’t matter if they exercise or not. I have
them too! But believe me, no one is going on the street looking at
everybody’s hips to judge if they have dips or not. And we are so much more
than what our bodies look like (Kelli and Daniel have said it, it’s not
about the looks, it’s about what your body can do)

chikita bonita says:

Quitzé V yeah i agree kelli has a killer body, its just an observation thst
someone who works out alot can still have hipdips, making me feel better
and knowing that im not doing something wrong in my workouts

Quitzé V says:

chikita bonita that’s great!

FitnessBlender says:

I didn’t even know what they were until someone commented almost the exact
thing the other day. Googled it…”oh yay, another completely arbitrary
detail to potentially be insecure over”. No thanks! Honestly it seems like
there’s a new and equally stupid (sorry, it’s true) “fitness” pursuit or
goal every week. And the sad thing is that many trainers cater to it, just
to cash in. It’s completely and entirely unrelated and irrelevant to health
or fitness. Better off without paying mind to those things.

SoJeanGarbo says:

chikita bonita but who cares really though!?

Monserrat Poot says:

YES i did 😆👌🏼But I have a question that can also help me to lose weight?

claudia concha says:

Yes! The HIIT part is quite a cardio challenge, so it makes you burn a crap
ton of calories. Also, it boosts your metabolism so it has an “afterburn”
effect. Both HIIT and strength training help you increase muscle tissue,
and the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn, even when
you are not working out! I hope this info helps 🙂

Monserrat Poot says:

+claudia concha Thank you so much 😀

Ayla KM says:

WOW! I love this workout! I felt so great afterwards and I cant wait to do
it again later this week! Oh and by the way I clicked to the printout
workout and I don’t know if you made a typo but is says “I hope you ended
up *swearing* as much as I did” Did you mean sweating lol? If you did mean
swearing YESS I sure did!

FitnessBlender says:

haha! Thanks for catching it but yeah it kind of seems fitting either way 🙂

Ria Zee Silver says:

It was sooooo hard and cool! Thanks!

Yeha Marin says:

Just finished, wow I thought I was about the faint midway. But I got it
done, feel awesome now.

kg062007 says:

Her butt just keeps getting better.

GramOfMayo says:

I don’t how this was in my feed but that Butt tho 😱😱😱😱

zuu zuu vasqz says:

Lo hice 😅

Nancy Guzman says:

couldn’t make it all

Remington Steele says:

Change this channel to Brutal HIIT 😂😂 seriously though I love this
content. just started incorporating pyramids and ladders into my cardio.
it’s a love-hate relationship to say the least but sure I’ll love the
results I get. keep up the great work. 👍👍👍

FitnessBlender says:

Saturday morning Workout Complete for FBSweat!

HsiaoNing Lai says:

FitnessBlender Kelli,I think there is a typo in the workout details. No
curtsy lunge and side raise for second set of strength training. Did this
workout yesterday for FBsweat and I didn’t recall doing that. And love this
workout as always! My January goal is to finish FBsweat and I did well for
the first week. 🙂

randi sjursen says:

Ouch. this is gonna hurt like hellllll tomorrow

Random Person says:

Is it ok if i alternate between leg cardio and ab workouts everyday? So
monday: leg. Tuesday: ab. Wednesday: leg. I plan to do this five days a
week but is this too frequent for my muscles to repair?

Karyn Evelock says:

Will you be having another 5 Day Challenge for 2017?

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