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Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home – 25 Minute Kickboxing Cardio Interval Workout

June 27, 2016 - Comment

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FitnessBlender says:

Whew, that was sweaty! #fitnessblender #workoutcomplete

ip camera raids says:

did you pop a molly

Ronald Purifoy says:

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Kimberly J. Perez says:

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Maya Crawford says:

i wish there was some music in the background or something. its too quiet
without it

LoverTaylor4 says:

Why don’t you just play some own music in backgorund? Anyway, I was doing
this exercises together with some diet (just google: “kates fitness journey
diet” if you want to find it :)) and i can recommend it to everyone.
Results was awesome, and now i feel great. Good luck! 🙂

angela van says:

+Maya Crawford Yes I thought I was the one

Wonder Coffee says:

+Maya Crawford try sound cloud. make a workout playlist and workwith.

UkeElaina says:

+Maya Crawford I always turn the video volume down super low and then play
a workout station on Pandora in the background 🙂

cleareaicolors says:

Who’s doing this at the start of the new year?? I plan to use this to get
in shape in time for the summer!

Lola Lavonda says:

+cleareaicolors well its easter now but yes im trying to get in shape too

Destiny Anderson says:

+cleareaicolors i am too got too get my body in shape for the summer

Carolynn Markey says:

How’s it going?

Ralph Archer says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I didn’t think it would be that tough but it
definitely got me sweating up a storm by the midway point – there are beads
of sweat dropping off my face onto the keyboard as I type, but as I said it
was really fun and I think I improved my fighting skills tenfold. This will
be one of my go-to workouts from now on. I hope there are other kick boxing
ones. I love that there are so many videos. These workouts have become
sacred time for me, a special slot in the day. When it’s time to work out I
log onto the Fitness Blender youtube channel and scroll down through the
videos. We really are spoiled for choice. Wow this really did get me
sweating heavily. It’s a mightily buoyant feeling when you finish a workout
and are pouring sweat, top drenched. Thank you so much Fitness Blender.
I’ll be back to this video again soon for sure.

HowToLose says:

Are you still watching this video over and over again???

Missrobiii says:

Fitbit says 152 calories ☺

David Williams says:

i recently became interested in kickboxing and im glad i found this video

Evan McClure says:

this isnt real kick boxing

Thooraya Mused says:

I love you guys so much!Thanks to you guys! I cannot afford the gym plus I
feel insecure next to men. I was 155 and Only 5’2 1/2. Now I am only 134. I
started following you guys since August 2015. I lost 21 pounds and still
want to continue. I have been exercising about 4 months now. My goal is to
be at least 120 pounds but for some reason I am not dropping no more
pounds, why is that? I have been at 134 pounds 2 months ago. I eat
perfectly healthy, and I only eat lean meat (chicken) I do not eat steak
etc. I only eat 2 meals a day and a snack between them, I do not eat dinner
because I lose my appetite really quickly ( I am always full), I DRINK ALOT
OF WATERRRR. My belly fat is not gone, but legs and buttocks very lean. Why
is that? What can I do to lose weight again? Thank you so much! ily guysss
so much.

Wad ya Gonna Do says:

+Olivia Stewart if you are on caloric lack of calories you will lose muscle
and if you have big enoigh lack you will lose lot of muscle

Olivia Stewart says:

+Wad ya Gonna Do​ you cannot lose muscle when you work out… It’s not
possible at all

Wad ya Gonna Do says:

+Callista Winsler That is true, kinda depressing but true

Andrea Grajales says:

I love the kickboxing workouts, they are so helpful for stress relief!

Jake Gilberg says:

+Hemri R facts

Hemri R says:

this is not kickboxing but it’s a good workout

YaSherif Da Gamer says:

*Thanks for that, ur flexible girl. I couldn’t keep up 🙂 but did my best*

FitnessBlender says:

+YaSherif Da Gamer Keep at it! Flexibility takes time but stretching feels
good anyways so it’s a fun goal to pursue 🙂

Brandy Renee Photography TV says:

is this workout long enough to see results later on with a good diet? In
other words, is it a good calorie burner despite the short timing?

Nazia Ali says:


zikashika flora says:

after 2 and half minute i am feeling like i can’t breathe.
its my first time doing this.

Sara G says:

+zikashika flora I’ve improved a lot in my stamina by using other
FitnessBlender workouts. All the videos are free at You can search for videos of
different types (like cardio) and lesser difficulty (they use a scale from
1-5, with 1 being the easiest).

Noldy says:

Keep working out. I too struggled when I first started this but now I’ve
reached a point I can start incorporating 5 pond weights 🙂

zikashika flora says:

its ok i can understand. can you suggest some excersice for increading
stamina and do you know any best and easy learning video on youtube for
self defence training?

Melissa Camacho says:

+zikashika flora the first time i did this i finished it but i was so tired
i couldnt walk (sorry for my bad english)

Viv I says:

when you work out think about other things it will help you allot for your
time problem

ilikeditbetterbefore says:

I used to train kickboxing. Now my knees won’t allow me to, but this is
definitely a good training. However, it would be good for others to know
that for upper cuts and hooks, it’s not only about arms, you have to engage
your whole body starting from your abs, the torque gives it more power and
you will definitely feel that your body is working even more.

brucethedrummer says:

Ya know! This is a really good workout. ENjoyable! This is what youtube is
made for. This, and cats playing piano.

Mr1987Joe says:

Yep, you just brought my motivation back, Kelly. Thanks! Keep it sweaty!

TheWaffles24 says:

can i do this after weightlifting?

XIV Irelia says:

I have stopped doing martial arts for years and this was a definitely good
work out vid for me to start all over again, though it is not kickboxing.
This work out video was amazing and really fun to do.

Dawn Michelle says:

When Kellie, is extra smiley you know it’s going to be trouble. lol great

Kadia M says:

wow! I am sweating like crazy! This is better than I thought!

panda lover69 says:

@fitness blender this workout is tough but I made it I’m 12 and I’m
starting kick boxing this was so helpful thank you so much

Jennifer Reid says:

I just finished this workout and I feel great. Thanks to you and Daniel for
all the time you put into these videos. I am 279 pounds – as if my last
weigh-in 2 weeks ago – and started off at 361. I changed my diet to eat
less and incorporate more vegetables and started off with a recumbent bike
a few minutes a day. That was almost 2 years ago. I found your videos as
a way to shake things up and challenge my body more. I love the variety of
videos and the fact there are videos for all fitness levels and/or
modifications. I can’t wait to reach my goal and be able to do the
exercises without the modifications.

Nevairig Alexanian says:

+Jennifer Reid Good for you Jennifer! 🙂 never give up!!

John Smith says:

i just wanted to congratulate you on such a huge loss!! that’s so amazing!!
keep going! You’re doing so great!

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