Emotional Workout | I’m So Angry At My Husband | Weight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body FatWeight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body Fat

Emotional Workout | I’m So Angry At My Husband

October 24, 2018 - Comment

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Marcie Y says:

Taking 2 hrs for him and not giving you barly an hour….girl u have every right to be mad n annoyed. I’m a stay at home mom n I get zero time for me..zero. so I hear ya there💕

minimalist life says:

Oh George hope you are OK 😔 also kicked so fast to watch this video.. So happy for you that you are back on track.The beginning is so hard and painful, but we got this.

Amy Herndon says:

It happens when u have kids babe. I’ve got 3 kids so I’ve been through all of this 10 fold! It’s hard when a man doesn’t understand.

ashley mills says:

You are amazing! Just because your workout isn’t 1 hour doesn’t mean it isn’t good!! You can make huge changes just by getting your heart rate up for 20 minutes. Never ever give up!! ❤

COgirl86 says:

I would be livid if my husband even remotely acted this way. He should support you period. Sorry but he is being selfish. My husband gives me all the time i need, especially to workout, and he is the one that works full time. An it’s not like he “gives me the time” it’s necessary and just happens. I don’t need him to “help” me with things, he just does it because he lives in this house too and is the father of our daughter, so it’s his job. He understands how hard it is to give so much time to a kid. You need to talk to him because that just isn’t fair to you girl. Sorry you have to put up with that. It’s a “old school” attitude that the women take care of the kids and the house. You are a lady boss and need to boss up girl!!!!!!!! Get that man to take over and support you. You deserve it! Sorry if any of this offends you, I just hate seeing women cry over their unsupportive husbands.

Jenn's Journey says:

Most of the time he is amazing and supportive but once and a while he has a stubborn old school way of thinking

COgirl86 says:

Jenn’s Journey I hope you can find your inner voice and strength to let him know how you feel and tell him that you need his support. Seems like he just does not care. Sorry.

Nancy Mallia says:

Glad that George is ok! The conversation with Jim and yourself is something that I go through all the time with my hubby. It isn’t intentional at all. It’s TRUE what you said, they simply don’t get what a day in the life of a mom is like. Thanks for posting this. You just motivated me to get back at it!!

Nina Iskierski says:

Maybe I would suggest to pose to Jim is that when he comes home from work that you are the first one to go to the gym, you guys eat dinner and then he can go after you? That way if he chooses to take 2 hrs that’s on him? And by then you can get Georgie in bed and such?

Erica1020 says:

I was just going to pop on and suggest the same thing! Totally agree!

Morgan says:


Jackie Prince says:

Or if he comes home, you go to the gym, and when you get back he goes, you can make dinner and have it ready for everyone once he’s back from working out?

Lilliums says:

Thats a really good idea

yaya14ever y says:

That’s a great idea!

chloeshepherd says:

Can you put George in the pram and take him for a walk during the day? Or even the mall if it’s hot/rainy.

Jenn's Journey says:

Yes I do that but I still want an hour to myself without George

Shannon Wilcox says:

I love that regardless of Jim you still went and did your workout. I am sure you will figure out a compromise but until then keep pushing for you

Faaiza Daya says:

Hey… I get what you saying… Why don’t you workout first and he goes after you? That way you it in early and he gets to take a little longer afterwards?

Keep going girl… You awesome!

OKMoM life says:

My husband is like that too🤷🏻‍♀️… gurl, but you know what? I get authority👩🏻‍⚖ out of me so he can UNDERSTAND! and pretend he doesn’t exist so i can think about me. Because if i dont take care of me my husband wont take care of me. We need a me time💇🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ and I would get it cause I love me😎

And I LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU’RE BACK!!!! I so love your VLOGS!!!!!

Annette Hamel says:

Jim. Dude. This woman is your life partner, and the coparent of your child. You need to collaborate to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Neither of you should immediately put yourself first, or make unilateral decisions. Also, the whole I work hard all day argument doesn’t hold water. Jen is working hard all day too. Love and cherish each other.

Samantha Jayne Walker says:

Babe. I’m so glad you uploaded this. It’s so real and it’s something YouTube needs more of. I’m glad you’re not afraid of your emotions. I hope you and Jim are able to work out a schedule!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you so much! Yes we have been trying to think of different things that could work 💕

memmi says:

Thank you for being raw and honest. It is so understandable that you got annoyed, you guys will figure it out, just have to find a system or way of compromise that allows you both to get time for yourselves. Just have to say that this video helped me a lot, I don’t have a child and I have been making excuses for not working out even though I have all the time in the world right now. Seeing you push trough all the emotional stuff and going for that workout – inspite of the lack of time, in spite of the emotional upset, in spite of it being hard to work out.. Wow! Reality check for me. I don’t have any excuses. I admire your attitude. You will push through this with your determination! And I will follow your example and step it up! So thanks 🌸

Jenn's Journey says:



get a stroller and go for long walk during the day NO EXCUSES!!! baby will have fun and youll have steps in

Jenn's Journey says:

I just want an hour alone without George 😊

Britany Fernandez says:

I feel your stress mama. I’m a mommy to 5. All different ages, but my little one is 6 months, (which by the way, he too has fallen off the bed, and the sound of their head hitting the cold hard ground is unbelievable scary). Anyway, I don’t have a gym where I live, so I do a 15-20 min workout with the kids here at home. My six year old girl sometimes even joins in! I use my little one as weights, just do whatever I have to do to keep my body moving for those 15 or 20 mins. Maybe that can work for you. That way you can do your workout maybe in the morning, way before your husband gets home from work.
My husband is so not supportive at all of me trying to be healthy. I feel it’s cuz he feels he can’t do it cuz of lack of will power , so seeing me do it angers him. I truly don’t know what it is. But it is sad for me. Regardless, while he is popping soda cans in my face, or purposely buying chocolate cookies and offers me one, I KEEP STRONG! I was blessed with will power!
Anyway, good luck 👍!!!!!

Bby D says:

I totally feel you. Every time I asked my husband for help he would always say he works 12 hrs a day 😒 they don’t understand being a full time mom is harder then working a 12 hr shift. Finding time is super hard once you have little ones. Try not to stress. Take the baby for a long walk in a stroller or look for workouts you can do at home while he naps. Prepping meals also is helpful. You can just pop them in the microwave. When you go to the gym. Turn off the phone. Yes he might get mad but he has to understand that you have your health to take care of. Everything will be fine Jen just work it girl. Your still learning on being a new mom 💕

J Ringler says:

Why can’t you push your son in the stroller for an hour every day. Take baby to the park to swing and then walk home or go walk to grocery to get some healthy choices for dinner etc. Then later, still do a work out or take so e mommy time especially since you are home all day with baby. So you don’t start to resent him for going to go do a work out, no matter the time frames. He can get the baby ready for bed or at least start it. Use your crock pot and get suppers going in other ways. It seems you are not balancing your needs and taking it out a bit on him. Because of this, you are ruminating and blaming him. You have all day to work out, use that time and do different workouts 30 min cross fit right in your living room when baby sleeps. Incorporate baby into those times. I have been there. These are similar things I was thinking till I modified my routine and did more for me didn’t the day. I walked everywhere and it burned big calories. Especially before the snow flies and it’s harder to spend a lot of time outside. There are also mommy and me clubs, and Learn To run clubs etc. Don’t lose yourself in all this and it will prevent resentment and strain on the marriage. Good luck. You got this.

Shauntabia Wills says:

It’s so hard being a mom. Firstly, you are doing a great job! The fact that you kept yourself motivated to get in your workout is huge. Men have a tendency to forget that things change when 2 becomes 3. You guys will figure this out. You’ve got this and keep being a fantastic mom!! 😘

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