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Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

June 27, 2016 - Comment

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Dajah Brown says:

these workouts help me loose 100lbs last summer💙💙

Alluring Bliss says:

That is possible, she is 15. When I was in my 20s , I would drop 3 to 4lbs
in 3 days..

CaptainMary says:

+Lola Heim true i always lose 10 pounds the first week with only 45 minutes
of walking

Michal Tresh says:

I got 10 Kilograms down after 2 months … Wtf 😀

Lola Heim says:

Some people are lucky and can lose weight very quickly, of course not like
100 lbs a week but in 2 months…may be possible.

Marii Marrero says:

I DID IT! I watched the whole video.

Tori'sbeauty Cosmetics says:

😂😂😂 savage

scribbler of dreams says:

hahahah nicceeee

Marii Marrero says:

+JohnAndGames I grabbed some popcorn, sat down, and enjoyed the video.

lisa ygls says:

It’s the first day I’m doing this and I had to relax after 5 minutes!! But
I’m gonna do it!

jurate viganauskiene says:

me too

Noelia Kalama says:

You go girl!!

lisabr says:

this was too easy for me… can someone suggest some harder workouts of
fitness blender please…? :)

FitnessBlender says:

We have way, way harder workouts than this one. Try searching level 5/5
difficulty on this page and you’ll have all kinds of brutal new workouts to
conquer: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos

Yerbua Merch says:

I did this for a month and I’ve lost 8kg

bri Bear says:

I was eating chips doing this

amiishaa Amiishaa says:

+CaptainMary 😂😂😂😂

CaptainMary says:

you had a jaw workout 😄

Daylet Garcia says:

+bri Bear LMAO

avedemalawero says:

I am in really bad shape.I could not do all the exercises.

No life without Music says:

you can do it girls dont give up same here

Kiomi Samuel says:

Same OMG I felt like the fattest girl in the world, even though Im 12 and
5’5 1/2 – 5’6

Lara N says:

These jumping jacks are haunting me even in my dreams. Seriously when I see
*something* jacks are gonna be next I die a half inside and a half outside
doing it lol.

Alluring Bliss says:

lol, but the felling is great after.

Tiny Mini says:

SAME. Could not have said it any better myself.

OpinionatedBeach says:

lmao only made it to 14 min and i work out 3-5 times a week, managing to
squeeze in atleast 20-30 mins of cardio each work out. i feel better seeing
everyone else suffer with exhaustion.

Desert Rose says:

yeah same. 14 mins! lol so unfit.

0mazin says:

My active rests were basically me reaching for my water bottle lol

Natural beauty says:

+0mazin hahahaa me too lool. I’m in the kitchen working out I
cant stop turning on my tap for some water while trying to battle on.

Sergio Valenzuela says:

I lost 26 pounds in 1 month crazy with this work out everyday got to put in
effort all the way !!

Iulia Andreea says:

i was doing this workout for one week and i lost 6lbs in one week, even i
was eating too much chocolate…but after this i was to lazy to keep going

fatma Stars says:

That’s my goals actually 😍😍

Osama Hassan says:

What about the food plzz

Frank b. says:

+Sergio Valenzuela Hey I’ve juat got a quick question; did you do the
exersize routine once.everyday or more?

jana sabayani says:

im currently doing a seven minute workout and going on an extremely healthy
diet im doing great but i was thinking to switch to this workout would you
advice me ??

Kaory Rodriguez says:

Update: 😳I don’t know how the hell i made it through four weeks 5 days a
week but it was WORTH it😀 This really makes wonderful results. I was 158
pounds and dropped to 145 pounds. I was 36 inches around my waist and now i
am at 34 inches. My stomach isn’t completely flat but i think one more
month and i’ll have a flat tummy. ATTENTION: i also kept a diet since i am
a diabetic but its also to help me drop more pounds. I gave up fast food
too and did sit ups for two weeks out of the four weeks. So please keep
going you will see results but remember to diet too n watch your cravings
for fast food….Good luck Everyone😘
💕Thank you FitnessBlender!💕

Lunar Rae says:

Did you try to do this workout every week or different?

Keaira Patterson says:

Thank you so much for this 😁😀😀 congrats on your journey !!

Anastasia D says:

35:52 this just does NOT work when you have sweaty hands! xD

Chrome Heart says:

Do it on a yoga mat

Lavanya Balaji says:

+Anastasia D Ditto. I struggled with it too.

pinnut says:

+Anastasia D I grab tissues and put them under my hands so they don’t slide

Thecrazycatlady says:


daan13 says:

5 mins and I’m done

Noelia Kalama says:

Not trying to brag!! But cramps stopped me at 14:16😂

Baby_boo_boo1828 says:

11 min XD

Abe Lamberty says:

+daan13 crack

Omar AL-khathiri says:

اصحاب ثنيان

🌸flowerlover14 says:

Who made it through the whole video👍😅

Siham Bouikir says:

12:00 and I’m done then I Come back and read those comment and that give me
a huge motivation then I come back to the video and complete the whole
workout and I’m So proud of myself
P.S : english is not my 1 language

Kitty Valcheva says:

Me, oh my god I am quite surprised with myself 😀 Good job girls! And to
the ones that have hard time completing it, don’t give up pleeeaase, just
keep going and you’ll fall inlove with your body and nothing will be able
to bring you down then, aaand you’ll feel so happy! DONT GIVE UP!

Sarah Garcia says:

Me !!! felt so good after I was done with this workout

Ronahi Osama says:

First day and got to 11 minutes. I’m exhausted😩

JamlessJam says:


kartheek goje says:

keep at it.. you can do it

Nur Deanna Shahyrah says:

But I will do this every single day no matter how many mins but every
single day and I’ll come back to give I guys update after month !

Nur Deanna Shahyrah says:

+Cuong Nguyen probably three times a week

Cuong Nguyen says:

How much for a week?

Michica Alsina says:

good luck

Mishaal Malikes says:

cannot believe I made it to 20 minutes omg on my second day

husseinalaa00 says:

+bashir alageeed yesterday was my first attempt i reached 10 minutes and
now in my second attempt i am at 21 but i take 2 minutes rest after every 5
minutes workout and now im also taking a 2 min rest is that fine?

bashir alageeed says:

congratulations , 11 days

Mishaal Malikes says:

+FITgirl.net thanks I finished the whole thing and Im so happy 🙂

FITgirl.net says:

+Mishaal Malikes Keep up the good work! In time you’ll be able to finish
the WHOLE video and go on to others without stopping. Good job!

Lakshmi “Meme” Sinha says:

What parts of the body does this build muscle on?

Janet Sotelo says:

it burns the belly so you can start doing muscle workout so it can show

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