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HIIT Cardio and Butt and Thigh Workout – HIIT and Strength Workout

November 13, 2017 - Comment

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Koko Ghith says:


karim h says:

Best Chanel ever

Craig Resnianky says:

I’d go with ‘Chanel No. 5’ as the best ever, although ‘Mademoiselle’ is a close second.

Chubby chocolate says:

Yes I’m here for it!! & I’m doing it NOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Basma Khattab says:

Welcome back Kelli 👍👍👍

Liv Kinnick says:

I love you guys so much! I’ve been doing your workouts for about 4 years and they’ve helped me through so much!

Badá Rock says:

I love you, Kelly (for killing my legs)

FitnessBlender says:

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RiDiy says:

Yay! Just what I needed to get back into exercising daily!

whatsinaname says:

FitnessBlender Just what I was looking for. I have been following your butt and thigh workouts from 2015. Last year,I stopped because of my inability to manage work and life. I became weak and unhealthy again. I resolved to restart it this summer,and it is amazing how quickly I see results. My posture improved,I don’t have any pain anymore,and I am a happier person. Butt:) for you Kelli and Dan,I wouldn’t be healthy today. Love love love love your workouts. Hoping to meet you someday

Hano Hano says:

FitnessBlender love you so much

Maja Hribar says:

HIi Kelli, I always love you butt&thigh workouts! I was wondering if you could make a butt&thigh workout using resistance bands? 😊

Omar Hyder says:

Great idea!

Tanvi Chitnis says:

I was just thinking about doing a HIIT & Butt and Thigh workout today and lo and behold, you guys uploaded one! Thanks for reading my mind! 😀

fatima ait ali says:

Miss youu coach ❤️😉

Vesela Simeonova says:

Tomorrow is my leg day and I can’t wait to do this! Looks perfect. I love how the weight section moves are NOT the usual lower body moves (except the deadlift but oh well, it is a staple). I really really like this: it both surprises your muscles and keeps you from getting bored. I also love how varied the HIIT part is. It’s not just endless squat variations (squat jumps, rocket squats, star jumps, ski to sumo, pop sq etc etc) though there is a healthy does of them. It even targets the core, as you mentioned, and in more than one of the moves. It’s a very well rounded routine. I know it doesn’t fit the bored easily frame but it is far from boring. Thank you, this is a really great workout!

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

I postponed today’s workout, hoping you will give us this kind of combo today. Thanks! Who else makes Monday their lower body day?

Edit: just finished it… wow, it was pretty brutal, but I felt really good today, lifted super heavy and even added some jump squats and pilates at the end.

Fitness Blender: makes you feel like a superhero since 2010!

FitnessBlender says:

I do! I usually combine it with HIIT, so it’s one of my harder workouts. It’s nice to start off the week with a tough one 🙂

uzo ugwu says:

I do 🙂

Sonal Singh says:

Since the very beginning of my workouts came across you guys. Since thn no matter how hard to try anyone else for workout, i just cant!
Love You Kelli & Daniel <3

Audri G says:

Yeah I realized I do a lot more better when I just focus on myself and how many reps I can do. When I focus on trying to do as many as you do I don’t really feel as in tune with my body and like I am making that much progress.

Fatima Siddiqui says:

Imagine if we could lose weight and tone just by watching these workout videos 😀

FitnessBlender says:

Haha! But would the Workout Complete part feel as good if you hadn’t done the workout?

Maira Hernandez says:

Proud to be part of this family 😊 Kisses from Brazil

FitnessBlender says:

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Lidia Jastrzębska says:

i love how positive Kelli is <3 Sometimes I abandon my own schedule just to workout with their videos, they are such great people who can light up my day just by smiling at the camera, how crazy is that? 🙂

Nicki D says:

This is the best butt and thigh workout on your channel that I did so far (I’ve done a lot :p) So: AMAZING Job as always!!! 🙂

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