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How to Keep Fitness Effective, Cheap, Fun – Tips to Get Fit for Good – 2017 Sneak Peek

December 27, 2016 - Comment

Search all Home Workout Programs @ Search over 500 free workouts by length, difficulty, training type, muscles used, calorie burn & more @ We use PowerBlock's adjustable dumbbells: Keep up with us on facebook @ Instagram @ Google+ @ twitter @ Pinterest @ Fitness Blender Workout Programs: 4 Week #FBAbs (Abs/Core) @ 4 Week #FBBooty

Search all Home Workout Programs @
Search over 500 free workouts by length, difficulty, training type, muscles used, calorie burn & more @

We use PowerBlock's adjustable dumbbells:

Keep up with us on facebook @ Instagram @ Google+ @ twitter @ Pinterest @

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FitnessBlender says:

FBsweat launches on Sunday, January 1st. The first workout of 2017 goes
live on Monday, January 2nd. We’ve got lots of fun & brutal new workouts
ready to launch in the new year. Lots of great stuff coming your way in
2017. Tell us what else you’d like to see in the comments below.

Healthify My Life (HealthifyCoach) says:

FitnessBlender Thank you for all the continuous encouraging and for asking
what we would like to see….First of all, I would love continue seeing
many #workoutcomplete s 😉 and… and ….a long lasting brutal low impact
work out would certainly make my heart body and mind very thankful
too….yayyyy. Happy 2017….Joyeuses fêtes…Bests wensen……Feliz año

Stephanie Garcia says:

More upperbody workouts! 🙂

CalCats262 says:

FitnessBlender what about the scale to track your body fat and muscle
percentage and what’s your take on green smoothies? Thanks

Yanna D says:

FitnessBlender I love this time of year. will you guys be kicking off the
New year with another five day challenge? I’d like to see a revamp of the
5x5x5 workouts and maybe some plyos?

dsdasf says:

Please do workouts for us skinny women that want to get curvy and toned!!!!
Really needed this video! Doubted whether or not my home work out routines
would work and this is really motivating to know you guys haven’t had a gym
membership in years and have the bodies that you do! Thank you! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Metehan Demirel says:

Hey I have been doing your split workouts for like more than 6 months and I
can’t seem to make any gains :/ İs it because I m using the same exercises
or could be something else ? And thx for all the workouts btw

FitnessBlender says:

Are you lifting to challenge yourself? How is your form? How is your diet?
What does your macronutrient breakdown look like? Are you eating enough? If
you’re putting in the work with exercise but not seeing results, you may
want to start manipulating diet variables in order to see better results.

Metehan Demirel says:

FitnessBlender I actually eat what i find really. ☺ I usually eat homemade
food etc.I try to increase my protein intake like 3 eggs per day etc.I will
definitly try to increase the weights i lift.But overall this is it.☺
(sorry for my english)

FiveFootZero says:

you probably need to increase your protein intake to “feed” your muscles
and those gains you want. focus more on strength/weight training. try slow,
more focused lifting exercises. also try seeing your doctor/nutritionist to
make sure your macro/micro intake is in balance 🙂 and don’t give up on
your goals! 🙂

Destiny Kim says:

If it’s not anything listed below, have you given your body the time to
recover? You should research how long it takes for muscle to build and
gauge when your body is ready for another workout using those muscles.

salma gamal says:

can we have a new 5day challenge??😌

Gloria CruzL says:

yes please!!

Graci Young says:

Gloria CruzL yess

Lara Pintarič says:

salma gamal Yesss

Maryann Bush says:

My 3 year old son loves to click on your videos and say “mommy I workout” &
he tries to follow along, it makes me feel good that I’m teaching him that
taking care of yourself and exercising is important, Love your videos &
thank you guys for everything you do 😊

Hanan Al Naqbi says:

Maryann Bush mine too!! he’s also 3 years old.

Amber.NA says:

At 16 years old I weighed 255 pounds. At the beginning of the new year of
2016 I didn’t commit to anything. I considered February as my “Retry
Month.” I started off with walking with my family. Gradually I changed my
exercises. As of today I am 17 years old and I have lost 95 pounds! My main
exercises consist of FB videos as of now

ladyinmauve says:

Congrats, Amber!!! you are such an inspiration to me. TFS!. how did you
tackle your good intake (my biggest issue)???

autumn george says:

Amber.NA Do you have an Instagram?!!!

Roni Lepore says:

Thank you for making speech recognition program available for your videos
(I am Deaf, btw). It is helpful to be on similar page with everyone else,
not leaving behind/out. I am thankful that I know some fitness/health
lingos to figure out while some words/phrases were “scrambled”. Much
looking forward to watching more of your videos and making healthy choices
with my lifestyle – fitness, health and nutrition. You guys rock!

gigglyfitzgirl says:

Roni Lepore That’s awesome. I’m a coda 😊

Roni Lepore says:

Super cool to meet you! Fitness Bender rocks.

gigglyfitzgirl says:

+Roni Lepore​ ikr! They’ve really changed my life. Nice to meet you too btw

Mr. P says:

Daniel!! More strength workouts/ weight lifting work outs in 2017 Pls.

Your channel has been a big help for me, in reaching my fitness goals..but
i still slightly away from where i want to be.. hopefully within another 2

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

I remember my first workout. It was 5 minutes of cardio and 15 squats and I
was so tired. But a year after, I am super excited to reach one goal after
another, I work out 4 times a week for 40-50 minutes and I can do very
advanced fitness blender workouts. These guys showed me the way to do it
and to focus on my health and now I LOVE working out. So people, it is so
worth it. Give it time, be smart and you will create not only a habit, but
maybe even a passion. Good luck in 2017!

Chalynda Jackson says:

if you don’t mind me asking, how much weight have you lost?

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

I was never overweight, it was 55 kilos with my 160 cm height (European
here, sorry :D), but my wake up call was that I was completely out of shape
and my body was getting kind of flabby as I have a desk job. So I started
to act before it got out of control. I don’t get on a scale very often, but
last time it was 52 kilos, so it’s not a big difference there, but my body
is toned, my belly is flat, my legs are toned, even my weak spot, my arms,
were improved and so much stronger, I can do hiit and I love strength
training. If you have any questions, go ahead.

Jasmine Sarratt says:

Please, please, please do more meal plan or meal prep type videos!!! You
guys are awesome :)

FitnessBlender says:

We have been working behind the scenes on a new meal plan for a long time
now. More info on that coming soon…

Making It Work Vlogs says:

FitnessBlender yes!!! this is where I fail miserably. I workout but inhale
anything I see😂😂 I want to do meal planning so I can just eat that

Maria says:

I’ve been killing myself trying to do so much at one time so I’m glad this
came before i started my workouts and healthy eating again. Thank you so
much for this!! 😀 I’m so excited now! lol

Ham AlA says:

lov u

Diana Kunta says:

exactly when i was feeling down… i’ve been doing your videos for a year
now. im morr toned but i dont loose fat why? because i eat clean all day
and there is always that moment when my mind go crazy and i eat cakes and
bad stuff. Just after that stupid moment i feel so bad but i dont know how
to stop that please help!!

Welcome to my kitchen says:

Diana Kunta same

Erica Herrera says:

Diana Kunta That is called “Binge Eating”. It’s more of a mental game. I’ve
struggled with this my entire life, but have gotten it under control this
year. The key is to change the way you see food. It must be viewed as fuel
instead of reward. Also, do not deprive yourself. If you feel that crazy
urge come on fix yourself a healthier version of whatever you’re craving.
For example, if you’re craving ice cream you could freeze a few ripe
bananas and blend it up with whatever flavoring you want. It will still
taste good and you’re actually eating fruit. Another thing that will really
help is to make sure you’re getting all your vitamins and minerals every
day. That will help because your body is fulfilled and the chances of
binging are lower. Lastly, remember to forgive yourself and know that this
is a process. Don’t give up, every meal is a new opportunity to nourish and
fuel your body. 💜

Iris Romina Jiménez Pereira says:

I love you both so much <3 ! Thanks for everything 🙂 !

treetoppy says:

My husband and I just found you guys and are having fun working out for the
first time EVER!!! <3

Thomas Stewart says:

I’m ready for 2017

Cilantro 22 says:

Kelli, you are so beautiful 🏋️‍♀️

Seiko Patton says:

How long should a 13 year old workout a day/week?

Muddy says:

Thanks to you guys for 2016 (when I found you!) and please keep going in
2017 xxx

Beth S. says:

Do you have an arm specific program? I would love to see more weight
training videos specifically using kettlebells.

Valkyrae says:

Kelli, do you have pink ombre in your hair? Looks awesome!

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