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I Had to Rush My Husband To The Hospital

October 24, 2018 - Comment

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Jerry!!!! 1st Pakistani cat star!!!! says:

keep it up!!!!!!

Jerry!!!! 1st Pakistani cat star!!!! says:

beautiful mummy!!!!!

Curran Cbk says:

I think you have a gym in your complex but maybe you should pay for a membership somewhere that has child care… I only suggest this because I have a Y membership and they watch my daughter while I work out and it’s life changing! Sometimes I just drop her off for a half hour and sit in the hot tub 😝

Jenn's Journey says:

That sounds amazing! I unfortunately can not afford a gym membership.

Curran Cbk says:

Jenn’s Journey I can relate to that…. I am not sure if there is a YMCA around you hut they have income based reduced pricing and so I only pay $9 a month for my membership… you should at least look into it

Brenale Johnson says:

Sending prayers for your husband!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you so much 🙏🏼💕

jessica armstrong says:

I would face it. Maybe it will help the next time you want to give in when your overwhelmed.

I was in the end of my first pregnancy and kept having the horrible pains. Everyone was like its contractions. Well it kept happening after birth but worse. When my lo was 4 months I went in to the er in the middle of the night and it ended up being my gall bladder. I had it removed but the recovery time was a bit harder since I just had a baby. But some people can return to work the next day! Insane right!? I hope jim feels better soon and yall are all in my prayers.

Blissful Life says:

jessica armstrong that happened to me ! The nurses wouldn’t listen to me when I was in birth and claimed it to be contractions.. 6 months later, gallbladder almost exploded .

Jenn's Journey says:

Oh my goodness! Glad everything was ok in the end. Thank you for the prayers. He’s definitely nervous.

jessica armstrong says:

+Jenn’s Journey it’s a weird concept for sure. Going in and the coming out with part of you literally missing. So weird!!

Eve Lee says:

Jenn u can do it like u did earlier…I have always followed you and your weight loss journey…..and prayers for ur husband. God bless

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you 😊

Eve Lee says:

Jenn’s Journey ☺

Blissful Life says:

I started having gallbladder attacks during my labor with my first..the nurses wouldn’t listen to me when I told them about the pain. In and out of the hospital for the following months after I had him, & 6 months later, my gallbladder has gallstones so large that they said any longer it would have exploded internally.. the attacks were definitely unbearable..The “gas pain” in my shoulders from the surgery was the worst with recovery along with my body adjusting to “heavy foods”..Things happen so don’t beat yourself up about the meals! Hope he’s doing better !

Jenn's Journey says:

That’s horrible! Thanks for sharing. He’s doing ok now. He has some meds to help with the pain and he’s waiting on his surgery date 💕

Lilliums says:

My gosh girl that sounds horrible well luckily it’s treatable. About your progress if you think your going to feel bad about the scale then don’t weigh in maybe wait. I got to the point where I understand the scale might go up if I eat carbs so I mentally get that so it doesn’t bother me anymore and the next day I know it goes down . But you know it’s funny because I’m clean eating and watching my portions right now so we’re kinda in the same place lol I dunno what happened but I’m getting back on track and trying to just eat in moderation and I been writing down everything I eat which helps me but no counting calories

S R W says:

Definitely stop relying on the scale girl! You know what you have to do to lose weight and be healthy. Try doing just some jumping jacks and squats at home. That alone will keep you motivated to eat healthier. Prayers for Jim!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you

Ashley Dickerman says:

Hang in there! You’re doing great!

Nina Iskierski says:

I dm’d you on Instagram after you posted about Jim. He will be okay! I had my gallbladder removed in June after having attacks since January. What really helped the pain was to eat a low fat bland diet until surgery. The fatty heavy foods triggered the pain. I also kept tums and 7up on hand to take if I was feeling an attack coming on. I’ve never had kids but the pain was so excruciating that the surgeon said that it’s apprently worse than labour pain. I had the surgery and it was lapraoscopic. I had 4 tiny incisions and they healed up really quick! I had 2 weeks off from work (I live in Manitoba) I was feeling pretty good after1 week but was just exhausted going back to work after being off for 2 weeks and not able to lift anything. Now I don’t get any of the attacks which is amazing. The only thing is there’s certain foods I still can’t eat because they run right through me (because they have to remove the gallbladder, bile leaks right into your intestines). If you have any questions I’m a DM away!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you so much for sharing 💕💕💕

Katherine G. says:

Face the scale.. everyone has ups and downs. It will help you stay consistent and you’ve been doing great so far so a small set back won’t hurt. And who knows, maybe it won’t be so bad??

C K says:

Gallbladder pain is scary! The pain is insane!

Leanna Guajardo says:

Omg that pain is horrible!!! I broke into massive sweats… I had mine removed last August; laparoscopically . It was day surgery not to much pain, was up n moving a day or two later…. my diet had/ has to change, not to fatty, greasy, spicy or sugary foods… my doctor said people experience one of two things after 1. Constipation or Diarrhea…

Jenn's Journey says:

Yes jim was sweating too!!! We will definitely be prepared with stool softeners just incase

Leanna Guajardo says:

Jenn’s Journey doc (mine did) prescribed some… thankfully didn’t need them.

Shelby says:

Praying for quick healing for Jim. I can imagine how stressful that is. Me and you relate alot in the binge eating. Like to a T!!! Honestly, for myself, I know seeing the scale not moving will mess with my head and ill be in that “eff it” mentality and binge. So personally id avoid the scale. But that’s just me, you know your mind and body better than anyone. Do whichever u think will set u up for success. Praying for your family. I fell off the weight loss wagon. Got down to 212 and was pumped. Now I’m my highest of 287. It’s so depressing. You’ve been motivating me for sure. I felt it was a sign for me to get back on it once I seen you started it again. I’m sick of feeling like crap and being in pain so it’s frustrating I keep eating my life away. Ugh the struggle is real. Praying for ya! ❤️

Jenn's Journey says:

It’s soooooo frustrating! I know we can do it, just wish it didn’t take so long because it’s hard to keep up the motivation

EricaXYZ says:

I had my gall bladder removed a couple years ago, but I hardly experienced any pain leading up to the surgery. It was laparoscopic and I was back to my regular “mommy” duties on day 3 because my oldest son was in the hospital and I had to stay by his side of course. Jim will be fine, don’t stress too much! It’s a very common surgery. Stay strong and remember we’re all cheering you on!

Jenn's Journey says:

Thanks Erica

Loving Reid says:

I started getting attacks while pregnant (hormones really activate any stones). So I had to wait until 4 months post partum. The attacks are very painful (not near as bad as my induced labor though, that was another world different level of pain lol). I have never heard of a man getting gal stones before! Oh and my recovery was fast, I was on mat leave but I was back to my normal self after a couple days. Attacks can control your life so it’s a huge relief to have it out (although I do have bad acid reflex now and had to change my diet a lot, you don’t process fat well anymore)

Jenn's Journey says:

Thanks for sharing!!!!

erika Rodriguez says:

I am currently trying to eat better but I know some days I eat too much & others to little. Finally I downloaded myfitnesspal, it had all my info from 2013 and it made me realize that’s the only way i will see any results since I’m not strict at all with how much I eat. In 2013 I was 175lbs, 2018 I am 190 lbs. I hope you find that thing that will make you start working out at home & continue to eat healthy.

Jenn's Journey says:

Thanks Erika

erika Rodriguez says:

Ah and I think you should face your fear, the weight on that scale. You know you did bad and it will remind you that’s the results from the decisions during the week.

Blue Banana says:

I was so positive about losing the weight with you…I recently had to move from Arizona to California and it’s been a stressful journey I haven’t been to the gym in 4 weeks. I go almost everyday. As my nutrition goes, it’s been bad. Carbs, sugars, and alcohol. I know it’s my fault. I am a stress eater and I’m sure that’s what’s going on. What I would like to ask is how do you get back on track? Any advice will help at this point. I love you channel I watch every upload, I wish you well on your journey! 💖

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