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I NEED To Change My Body

October 24, 2018 - Comment

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Jennifer Somebody says:

Love you girl, you’re doing an amazing job!

Lea Ace says:

So proud of you! You’re doing awesome! Love your vibe, your sweet family and your honest content! I can relate on so many levels. Keep it up!! And something I used with all my babies was a sleep soother noise maker. All four of my kiddos would not sleep without some form of noise in the background. My first one I got two months after my first baby for a Mother’s Day present. Turned out it was a life changer. And every baby since then I’ve always made sure I had one. Also a fan works too. It might help block out the noises from outside and he might sleep better. The last one I got, it was from Walmart for about $15. Completely worth every penny! Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Much love to you and your amazing family!!

Vicky says:

Totally agree with the fan trick! I also made sure I always blacked out my kid’s windows in his room, worked like a charm getting them to sleep later into the morning!!

Vicky says:

Just found your channel girl and I can 100% relate to what you’re going thru! I just started my weight loss journey yet again so it feels like we are doing it together! 🙂 George is such a doll, our kids deserve us at our best that is my motivation..best of luck to you!!

iamstarlight says:

Spinning class in 2 hours, thanks for the motivation! <3 Love your videos as always!

Jessica Martinez says:

I love that you taught your baby to sign “more.” I need to start teaching my 6 month old that! I didn’t do it with my first and I would have liked to.


yasss!!!! girl get it honey this makes me so happy to see thet you are getting your motivation back i was watching health nut nutrition and came across celery juice its just celery and water blended take out pulp and drink it in the morning before breakfast google the benifits it helps with bloating with us moms get so much lol

Eve Lee says:

Hi Jenn it’s amazing the way u are managing ur workouts and georgie……you can do it…..I’m ur fan now. God bless you and ur lovely family.😚😙

Nemarie Maskie says:

Hey jenn, lovely to see you guys spending quality time together. I’m always looking forward to your vlogs. 👍🏼👍🏼

Genuine Jess says:

Your son is so adorable

Britany Fernandez says:

Don’t be sad about your body. Love your body the way it is now , make changes to be healthier, but love your body! My stomach is full of stretch marks from 5 kids. For so long I hated my body. But now I love it, and I’ve decided to be healthier and more fit, but still loving where I started. I have lost 9 pounds and I’m excited to see my body fully healthy.
Anyway, love your body!❤️

Queen Butterfly says:

You’re awesome!! Proud of you

Rag Doll Made It says:

Thank you for this vlog, I’m struggling right now, but your attitude gave me an extra boost. ❤

Lilliums says:

Its really hard. I just started as well and the workouts are harder because I feel so much heavier too. I still hate my body too. 🙁
Whats your goal weight btw? Just wondering because I’m also 5’2 and back in highschool I had an eating disorder and I was way too skinny but I’m too big now

Darwin Stuart says:

Oh honey. I hate when I hear someone say that they hate their body. I understand completely. When I was young, I spent many years doing just that. I was tall, overweight girl with bad skin, broad shoulders, big feet, and a flat butt. I hated my body.
As a grandma now, my greatest wish is that I would be able to stop someone from living those years of pain that I did.
If we have eyes that see, legs that move us anywhere we want to go, and a brain that’s working in a neurotypical way, we’ve been given magnificent gifts. It took me over 40 years to see this. Please don’t be me.
There’s a school of thought that says that our bodies communicate with us. That if we tune into our bodies, they will tell us what we need. I think for most of us our bodies are saying ” will you please try loving me the way I am, and we can work from there”.
Be kind to yourself. Treat your wonderful body with love. This is hard won wisdom from an old lady who wasted too much time stuck in body hatred. If I could give you a real hug, I would, but I’m sending a grandma hug in my heart.

comment says:

+Darwin Stuart thank you im only 13 but i needed that💙 i wish you the best

Darwin Stuart says:

+comment I need to get my own account, this is my husband’s. My name is Carolyn and I’m rooting for you. For this lovely woman as well.😊

ie327 says:

Jenn keep it up ! Try not to be so hard on yourself! I love that Georgie signed “more” have you taught him any other signs?

Alejandra Alvarellos says:

Don’t give up girl, you did it once, you can do it again!!!

Sara Le says:

Whoever put a thumbs down on your video needs to find something better to do with their time!! There is no need for that negativity here. Keep up the good work. Love your videos!!

Noveek Fitness says:

I know it can be hard to see our self gain weight, it can be disheartening. You have the right mindset to make a change. your amazing!!! I’m inspired.

Brianna Mendez says:

The intro music is so badass I love it 😂

Kris M says:

you can do it!

Dalal Noor says:

so happy for you

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you

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