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I Took Your Advice and Faced The Scale

October 24, 2018 - Comment

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Rosie Muro says:

Great job with weighing in. You are learning about your habits. I don’t have cheat days because I track everything. I go over on Saturday because I eat more after weigh in day. But I track everything and I move on. If I call it a cheat meal or cheat day then I’m seeing some foods as bad foods. I see myself as being bad. I know I’m not. I’m on plan if I know exactly what I’m eating each day. 🤗

lupita Hernandez says:

I gave birth June of last year weighing 261 the most I’ve ever been in my life. After working out and eating better I’m now 187 I still work out sometimes and eat healthier but I feel like I’m not as dedicated as I was before and I’m still trying to lose 30 more pounds .

did podfo says:

We want to see your beautiful body

did podfo says:

Your body is beautiful and I wish you a sense. Your belly. And your wealth. And your mansion

SMW330 says:

Good on you for weighing in. Proud of ya! I’m on my keto journey and really feeling great. However, as the colder weather moves in, my past comfort patterns creep back (eating a big bowl of popcorn while watching a movies, hot chocolate, holiday desserts… I COULD GO ON). So we just had Canadian Keto thanksgiving and was pretty proud of myself. Make a keto cake and it was delish. I have noticed that 4 months in and 30lbs. down, I’m not being as strict. So goal for right now is to be more health focused till Christmas and enjoy on the 25th! And of course have a healthy soup ready for the 26th. I weigh myself every other day and don’t get stressed out about it. I do however record my weight in a journal every Sunday. But I never EVER weight myself during my period.
Have a great healthy next week. I’m rooting for you.
You’re doing great. Keep it up.

Mercedes Cartagena says:

I’m loving the lashes!

Iria Monge says:

Totally get it,when festivities come it’s hard, but just keep going and go back to eating healthy and keep with the cheat meal.

Eve Lee says:

Hi Jenn…..it was great to see u on ur weight loss journey again and trying hard to maintain. U have inspired me alot after my baby was born and trying to work out and eat healthy. Hopefully I’ll archive my target. Wish u luck for the same. Never give up.

Natural 235 says:

You tuber Tracey Hansel does diet videos. Talk about self discipline. She is awesome!

Margarida Prata says:

I’ve been on so many diets I’ve seriously lost count! In the past I used to have a cheat meal a week in the weekend and like you said, it helped me find balance. Mondays I’d go back into healthy eating without giving it a second thought. But nowadays, it doesn’t work like that anymore. Whenever I’d have a cheat meal, afterwards I just wanted more of it, like why wait until the next weekend
I thought. It would become a cheat day, cheat week and eventually I just couldn’t go back to the way things were and I gained back all the weight I had worked so hard to lose.
So now I have a different approach, low carb versions of the foods that comfort the soul. We have so many resources as there are sooooo many low carb recipe websites. So things like shepherd’s pie with cauli mash, meatball casserole, pasta bakes with zoodles, low carb chicken and chorizo empanadas and even pizza!! Honestly, the sky is the limit and I enjoy these recipes so much that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself at all! On the contrary! I also always try to eat the highest in calories meal of the day for lunch, always soup for dinner. I think it really helps tremendously to lose weight. So I alternate between these soups: tomato, broccoli and cheese, mushroom, spinach, so so good!
I really love your videos so much!

Shalonna Baide says:

Great job with facing your fears and getting on the scale! Thanks to you and your motivation! I have started my journey along with you! I’ve decided to do low carb and low sugar. I started 3 weeks ago and im down 8 pounds. starting from 246. I Know I have forever to go but I take it one day at a time. I think it’s a good idea to have a cheat meal or day. I feel like when you deprive yourself, it could be a recipe for disaster. I don’t believe in hardcore no carbs no sugar stuff like that. Keep up the good work!

GamingWithMus says:

you’re doing great. keep it up.

Vr4018 says:

When I was on my weightloss journey I would have a whole cheat day once every 4 weeks. I would write down what I was craving and use that as a goal to complete good eating every 28 days. Then I would have 1 day to have mostly whatever I wanted. Then the next day right back to being on track.

Amanda Bowers says:

I am always either 100% on track or 100% off track. I have been working at finding that balance too. My balance is 1 sweet meal and 1 ‘off plan’ but appropriately portioned meal per week. It’s been going well so far!

Karyn Colley says:

Well done on basically staying the same Jenn. I dont have treat/cheat meals…but if I go out for dinner I will eat a main meal of my choice (but try and go for a high protein choice) but I never go out more then once a week and often will go a month or so with no dinner plans. That works for me. But I do believe especially when stuck in a plateau having a high calorie meal/day (not excessive say 500-700 cals extra) and then getting back on track can help break it. Keep up the good work Jenn

Helga Domguez says:

I try to have 1 meal also weekly that I cheat with a dessert too😉. There was 2 months straight that I challenged myself to go 30 days without cheating and that worked well also because I was super focused and lost a good amount, but knew my break was coming. I am thinking of doing that again now before the holiday season. You’re doing great! Keep pressing on! Never Give up! Give an update on Jim when you know what is next for him, been praying 🙏

Vered J says:

Jenn, I had a cheat week 2 weeks ago (yeah , I know that’s so bad) due to life being so shitty at the moment , so last weekend I didn’t weigh myself (I always weigh on Sunday) and this past week I ate ok-ish and today I faced the scale too and I’m down 2. Not sure how. I even weighed again to verify and I did. I’ll try to eat healthier also this coming week. Good luck to you, me and everyone on this journey. 😘

COgirl86 says:

You are doing great!!!!

Chibi bunny says:

I love treat meals…even treat days if my weight is doing good. I cant live without good food…especially pizza

Heather Kennedy says:

lol why do I love this weigh in music so much

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