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I’m Not Happy

December 31, 2017 - Comment

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Laurie Poole says:

He is so adorable!!!!! Such a handsome happy baby!!!

Janina Iskierski says:

Awehh Jen he’s beautiful! Love those smiles!

Sleeve it to Mom says:

Your baby is so adorable! Those coos melt my heart. Enjoy every single second because it goes by so fast. You’ll get back on track and get those pounds off, you can do it. I had to rub my son’s tummy in a clockwise motion or move his legs in bicycle motions to get him to poo.

Kathryn Sloane says:

First of all your son is so handsome! Second , I can’t wait to join your diet bet. .after losing 55 pounds I slowed down and indulged during the holidays too girl. You’re definitely not alone in not being happy about eating too much during this time. But I am also ready to get started and do better! Good luck and God bless you and yours 🤗

Jenn's Journey says:

Aw it’s nice to know your not alone. See you in the game 💕

connie Sue says:

U look amazing and omg little George i just wana kiss those cheeks hes darling ❤❤❤

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you so much 💕

eva danielle says:

2018 is a new year. New place maybe. Your son is adorbs

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you so much. Unfortunately we are not in a position to buy a bigger place

Enza Giardetti says:

George is sooo cute! Love his smile! 🙂

karen maffina says:

I was also going to start trying hard to loose weight and was going to start Jan 1st but hubby is still on holidays (not that that should be an excuse) So i was planning to start Jan 15th too so we will be in it together. Happy new year and George is so cute and happy.

Jenn's Journey says:

Yay! Will I see u in the DietBet ?

jj wilwil says:

George is absolutely one of the most beautiful babies Ive ever seen…so sweet!

Ricca Meyers says:

Babies make me smile. He’s so precious!

flowermij says:

Hi i love your videos Jen your baby is adorable, and if i mat make a suggestion, i have 2 kids, so sleeping at night is difficult for some great idea, about t.v. in your room, but however in the day time you may want him to get use to the normal noises, or put a sound machine in his room, plus you could get room divider it makes some barrier for noise, prehaps a long black out curtains, hanging from a track on celing in his room, keeps light out..? Work with what you got.. if your interested look at some videos that have “studio apt,” redo..he is the sweetest…baby congratulations.

Fruitiverse says:

Omg he is so adorable and you guys are such loving amazing parents 😭❤️❤️❤️

Jenn's Journey says:

Aww thank you so much

Megan says:

Oh man, time for bed, and that was the perfect send off for a peaceful night’s sleep…. sweet baby smiles and sounds and long baby conversation! Happy New Year Jen, Jim, George, and Oliver! 🙂

Jenn's Journey says:

Happy new year 🎊

Sally Rod says:

George is the cutest thing ever!!!

kay zion says:

Aeeew god bless him jenn u guys r awsome parents… r u only breastfeeding still?

Jenn's Journey says:

Thank you! Yes just breastfeeding

tica 07 says:

George is absolutely the cutest little munckin 💜💜💜

erika Rodriguez says:

George is adorable! I hope you can get back to a routine soon and get back to feeling better about yourself. if you could afford it, I’d suggest a meal delivering company to help you for a while because being a mom is a lot.

Jenn's Journey says:

It’s not something I can afford but cool idea

flashyandfabulous says:

Jenn you are killing me with this kid!!! Like I might just be getting older but babies don’t usually have this affect on me! He’s too cute!

Gianyra Mendoza says:

I would love to join you on your weight loss journey. I am currently pregnant and due on January 17th! I’ve gain so much weight during my pregnancy and can’t wait to get my body back. I don’t know which route to take for my weight loss journey but I know I want to start as soon as the baby comes! You are such a motivation and I can’t wait to see the pounds shed and to have my baby!

Jenn's Journey says:

Congratulations on your baby!!!!

minimalist life says:

George is just adorable.. I can see how happy you are to have him, even oliver 😍 don’t worry about the weightloss, just look at some old pictures to get motivated..you’ve done it once and you can do it again…💪

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