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I’m The HEAVIEST I’ve EVER Been!

October 24, 2018 - Comment

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Meagan says:

Blog it all here! It’s YOUR blog. The people who care want to see all aspects of your life! ❤️❤️❤️

Releasing the Woman Within says:

Meagan exactly!!!! ❤️❤️❤️I don’t get these people who constantly ask her what her weight is. Makes me pissed.

Thera Powell says:

I feel you so much Jenn. I’ve been there and done the same thing. I lost about 70lbs in 2012 and then promptly gained it back over the next couple of years. My highest weight was 256 and my lowest I got down to was 184. I’ve been trying to get that motivation back to lose weight and I’m sitting at about 236 right now. I’ve been listening to this podcast called Half Size Me. Check it out if you have time. The host focuses on losing weight with maintenance in mind. She focuses on losing weight in a sustainable way and just taking small baby steps one at a time and focusing on those little habit changes. It has completely changed my mind around weight loss and weight maintenance. I’m just telling you because it has given me so much hope. I think you’re fabulous and I think you’re a great Mom to George. I’ve been a silent follower of yours for about a year now. Just know that you have people out here who support you and will continue to follow your journey no matter what. Your words in this video speak to me so much, because I’m there with you. Sending you love and hugs!

Nat says:

Half Size Me is awesome!!!!!

slimbirdy says:

Thera, small changes sound sensible. I’ve seen so many people say “right I’m going to the gym 5 times a week and only going to eat 1200 cal” and within 2 weeks they’ve fallen off the wagon and think they’re undisciplined and lazy. It’s just the method is wrong. I’ve created my own 10 min a day weight program because I couldn’t find anything that would suit weightloss just for a person trying to be normal and healthy – not super fit – and it’s fabulous because it’s so easy to stick to for life.

Magdalene Hernandez says:

Cut meat out few times a week slowly move into a plant based diet. Forks vs knives.

Nancy Mallia says:

Thank you for posting such a raw video. Everything you said touches so close to home with me. It takes balls to put it all out like that. That motivation will return. Keep going…you are beautiful in and out.

minimalist life says:

You are not alone on this journey. No matter how much you lose. It’s always a battle. You talked about making little changes like not eating a cheat meal or drinking soda.. I think that’s a good way to start slowly without feeling overwhelmed 💪

Ana-Maria Stanciu says:

Jenn, if losing weight was easy…there wouldn’t be fat people on the planet! So, getting rid of that soda is a big step, one that many cannot do it…so, be proud of every baby step you make and go further…never give up! Kisses and hugs!

Mama Bak says:

Oh honey. I feel you because right now I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I know that exact feeling. You’re such an amazing mother and wife, start to take care of yourself instead of beating yourself up. I applaud you for sharing this, I know this wasn’t easy for you.

Lee P says:

Hey Jen! I love your channel and have been a long time subscriber. I have a question and I hope it is not offensive- why do you feel like weight loss have to crash with being a good mom? I believe maybe you are thinking too much “black and white”- maybe just take small steps now and that does’nt make you a bad mom.
Good luck! xxx

Amanda Plus 3 says:

I have struggled so much with my weight. Before I met my husband I lost a lot and got down to 125. I felt great. But life happens and after 3 kids I am currently 275. Sure I am always trying to do something to lose it but I would rather spend time with my family then on the treadmill. Find something that works for YOU. One thing that bothers me is when ppl are always telling you how they lost weight and you can too. NO! Everyone is different and you have to do what is best and what works for you. You are awesome! Trust me I am always trying to get the motivation. It is about doing it for you and you alone!

slimbirdy says:

So true Amanda, and you know what I’ve discovered over the last year or so? Cardio actually lowers your metabolism! Shocked the hell out of me but it explains a lot.

Kristen K says:

Do you take George for walks? Fall weather will be perfect for nice long walks 😊 good luck Jenn you got this

Kimberly Moore says:

That whole force it is absolutely NOT true. I didn’t lose weight until I was utterly scared i would no longer live, the point where it’s either now or never.

Lora Mays says:

Jenn! You can do this! I have 5 kids and they are so important.. I have battled food my whole life so I get it. I’m much better now but still not at goal. Making permanent changes finally. It’s all about gaining health and energy. One step at a time.

Valerie Dennison says:

I think you are a lovely person! A wonderful momma, too. You got this!! We’ve already seen ya do it before and you’ll definitely do it again 🤗

Phyllis Brake says:

Look at it this way…. right now he is just crawling but some day sooner than you think he will be walking then running around. As happy as you are or will be to see this happen, imagine him running from you. You have to catch him to keep him safe but you can’t run… Don’t do what I did! I focused on my children and raising them, seeing to their needs and here I am at 52 STILL trying to lose the weight! I’ve spent my whole life on a diet until I woke up one morning and thought “well if you aren’t going to lose it now then when? ” That jolted me like you wouldn’t believe! That’s when I decided to do for me for a change, I want to be there when my children have children, and still be healthy enough to play with them. I am down 42 lbs and no intention of quitting anytime soon!

Jen L. says:

I know exactly how you feel. My highest was 263 and I got down to 199 then now I’m back at 233. I have two small kids and yes it’s a struggle balancing taking care of them as well as myself. But we can do this! I’m staring over as well with weightloss. Love your channel!! We can do this! 👌🏽

slimbirdy says:

Jen, I think I would be tired just chasing after the kids all day!

Stephanie Bethany says:

Yeah the force it thing doesn’t really work in my opinion. I lost weight, gained it and more back, and gotten to the point I just didn’t care. In the middle of that I tried to force myself back to it but I lost 8lbs, and went right back to gaining. It took me feeling disgusted with what I looked like and felt like and the quality and quantity. And I set a date that I would start and I went for it. Lost over 45lbs so far this year. I’m aiming for 50lbs this year and 50lbs next. You can do this in the small steps!

slimbirdy says:

Wow Stephanie, good job.

Liliworld Idontarguebackandforth says:

I completely understand you honey. My highest weight was 278. I couldnt believe I had let myself get to that number, but life does indeed happen. My husband and I have had three children over the past twenty years and I just didnt pay attention to how I looked. I just didnt. I got depressed, I tried different diets, and only focused on our kids and my husband and our house hold. As the kids have gotten older, Ive finally decided to focus on myself more. Ive gotten down to 203 pounds and have 40 pounds to go, but Im not going to beat myself up about it. We all understand what you’re going through. Its a journey that we all have to take and it will be different for all of us. Just do whats best for you and screw what others think or say. Its all about you.

slimbirdy says:

Liliworld, agreed. It takes time to work out what works for you and what I’ve found is most of the weight loss advice is wrong for the long term.

Lisa Mann says:

Everything you said I can totally relate to , thank you for sharing . It is overwhelming to think of how much weight you want to lose and I am in the same boat you are not alone.

slimbirdy says:

Lisa, I’ve found slow and steady and learning lots along the way helped me.

JCBartram says:

Love this video, Jenn! This realness is the best. I am absolutely in the exact same boat. My little girl is 16 months old and I am still trying to find the right balance and motivation. And it is SOOO frustrating because I have done it before too. I know I can do it and I know HOW to do it. I just keep losing my motivation. Looking forward to the future videos of this new journey in life.

slimbirdy says:

JC, what are you specifically not motivated to do?

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