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January 20, 2017 - Comment

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Linsay Bryans says:

Im at the beginning of a weight loss journey and 3 weeks in, I have hit a
depression. Still on track with tracking, which is working for me because I
can eat what I want so long as the numbers add up. But yesterday and today,
I just feel so grumpy and am craving indian food. It will pass. Your before
and after pic really inspired me…..so please dont lose heart. X

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Linsay Bryans thanks girl!!! And good for u for pushing through

Lisa Arace says:

Love your vlog, I myself is struggling I hit goal 18 months ago and
maintaining is very hard, I try to eat as healthy as I can. I lost my
motivation, I’m up 6 lbs from goal I’m struggling. I want to nip it in the
butt before it spirals out of control, I need to refocus.

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Lisa Arace same here! We got this! 💪🏼

Sharon Hughes says:

I’m struggling too. Felt ill for weeks and not worked out at all 😫. 💕

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Sharon Hughes aw man! I hope you’re feeling better

Lynette Gayle says:

We all struggle with the same thing. You are just so strong for putting it
out there. Thank you, you make me want to try harder. I too sabotage myself
and I cannot just eat a little if I like it, I stuff myself.

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Lynette Gayle thanks for understand 💕

Sharon Hughes says:

You should get Jim to hide the scale for a week and let you have it once a
week for progress checks.. what do you think? 👍🏻

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Sharon Hughes when things are forbidden I find them more tempting and I
will obsess more. I think I will be able to stick to once a week 💕

Sharon Hughes says:

That’s good then. Scales are so damaging to your mental wellbeing 😙

Sina Allen says:

When my mom makes pierogie then I need to eat a 100 of them 😂😫

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Sina Allen I know right!!!! 😩

Fifi Lebelle says:

Hi Jenn, I hope you don’t mind me asking: what size plate you eat your food
on? I have personally found that eating on 9 inch plates really helped me.
Also now I am tracking my calorie intake using an app like Fitness Pal or
Lifesum (I prefer the latter) has been eye opening. You may think you are
eating healthy but you still may be eating too many calories in relation to
your weight/size and activity . I have also personally found that reducing
my carbs and increasing my protein and fat intake not only keeps me full
and reduce craving for sweet things. As for the food that you will know you
will not be able to stop yourself from having/cannot control the amount of:
just don’t have it! Sounds simpler that it sounds I know! Keep going, the
results will be worth it. 😊💪👍

Megan says:

Thumbs up for the “no thanks” and “are you kidding me?” bit! Stay strong,
girl! :)

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Megan hahahaha!!! It’s like the mail man is taunting me lol

Brenda White says:

Good job getting yourself up and going I know it’s not easy for people with
depression 💗 it’s amazing how working out can make you feel so good🏋💪👍

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Brenda White its so true! 💕

Barb McGregor says:

Yum! I’m Polish and grew up eating pierogis. I like mine fried, a little
crispy with a side of sour cream.

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Barb McGregor YUMMAY 😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

hurri cane says:

just do it girlfriend !!!!

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+hurri cane 💕

Happy Cashew TV says:

Love how you brought yourself back out of that cycle so quickly…you’ll
get there!

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Happy Cashew TV thanks girl, I’m trying

Chibi bunny says:

I’m going on a maintenance calorie challenge for 4 weeks. I’m eliminating
triggers and getting my husband involved. I found I can lose weight eating
at maintenance calories. Weight loss is relative to how much you currently
eat. Weight loss can happen still eating a lot of food

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Chibi bunny agreed 🙌🏼

Chibi bunny says:

My biggest struggle with food right now is treat meals and failing to stop
at just one meal. Once you get that food high…it’s hard to stop. It’s a
big emotional relief. I have to realize it takes a very L O N G time to
relearn how to eat in a healthy state of mind. Just habit and practice
helps. As time goes by the mind accepts limitations and moderation. It just
takes a freakin long time to achieve this. Perhaps many years

Tiffany H says:

The Fall is amazing! I still haven’t gotten the chance to watch the last
season, but I saw the first two. I hope you like it! Jamie Dornan is my
favorite. <3

Amber Stotler says:

You guys are so cute 😊

crimson kurls says:

You are awesome. Like seriously…..awesome. I LOVE that you let us in
…you are human and you are not perfect.You are relate-able and
persistent. Keep it up!

Mary Rodenbeek says:

I gained the exact same 20 pounds- right with you girl.

Hi Di Hi Hi Di Ho says:

Courage Jenn! 👍 I really struggle on starting a weight loss journey 😞When
you have nobody to do it with or some people, who know you’re trying to
loose weight cause obviously you need it more than them, just keep on
pushing you down by telling you ”it’s ok, it’s just an ice cream blabla”,
making me always ALWAYS be discouraged and turned me into an antisocial
personn… I hope one day I’ll have that strenghth you found in you that
day you decided to change your life ☺ takecare! 😘

TheOHMYGOD12345 says:

I gained back 15 of my 62 pounds lost, so I’m where you are right now. I
just can’t stop myself. The more I eat, the worse I feel
about myself, which makes me eat even more. It’s a vicious cycle. I hate
sabotaging myself but I’ve lost all motivation because of the pressure I’ve
put on myself. Good on you girl for being honest about your hurdles! It
wouldn’t be a journey without some struggles along the way.

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