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Labour & Delivery Vlog!

October 11, 2017 - Comment


XO, Logan says:

Awwwww Jenn! He is so perfect! I just loved his little face when you were doing skin to skin. He looked so happy. This gave me serious baby fever! Haha. I also loved when Jim was getting emotional on the ride home. You truly are blessed to have him. You both are going to be wonderful parents.

JCBartram says:

Congratulations to you all. How precious. So happy for y’all!!

Brianna Martinez says:

Congrats you guys he is so precious, your so lucky you had a natural birth when I had my son in June I had to have a c-section because my pelvis was too small I tried pushing for what it seemed like 2 hours they could see him but he got stuck so I told them to give me a c-section just to make sure nothing happens so it was a pretty difficult labor I even lost 2 leters of blood but i’m happy me and my son did ok during the c-section

Hi Di Hi Hi Di Ho says:

George is a very cute baby 👶 😊 Congratulations to the new parents 🎆🎆🎆

Hayle Rogers says:

He’s so cute! 😍

FoundIn Alaska says:

I’m crying! This is so sweet! Thank you for filming this!! Congrats you guys!

Kat Nicole says:

Congrats!! And yes.. breastfeeding takes a lot of work but I’m glad he latched good. I’ve had a lot of struggles and still struggle to this day, but my baby was 1 month preemie and very small. I’m not ready to give up. The bond is too beautiful. You can do this girly. You should find a local lactation specialist. They help you a lot. He’s so precious. I’m so happy for you!

thatmomlife says:

congrats i felt so happy to see your story in labor and delivery i had little flash backs of my experience such a beautiful moment

diana tierrablanca says:

Congrats to both .looking forward following in new journey as parents . Sending love ❤️ .he is beautiful

Mary Beth Goodwin says:

Thanks for sharing. He is so little and cute. You guys are so sweet.

Deidra Anevski says:

Im so happy for you guys! Congratulations…welcome to the world Baby George!!!

Tamisue1975 says:

Congratulations to you and Jim!! So happy for you! George is so adorable! Glad that you had a healthy and safe delivery 💜

Marcie Y says:

9 mins in lol I went through a similar situation lol I went with my oldest after my husband got done work 8pm bc I thought my water was leaking. Very slow leak. Got to hospital at 9pm. They said they called Dr and she wanted me to stay the night to see if I have contractions but never tested my water. Said Dr be in 5am. Never got there till 11am checked me and yup leaking. Slowly never burst. So my water had been leaking since day before so I needed antibiotics and I was mad because I was there why not test me. So anyway I got pitocin and my water finally burst on its own at 5/6 pm. I didn’t have her till 6:29am Tuesday I had pitocin started at noon Monday…congrats to you guys!!!

April Thompson says:

He is so cute! Congratulations!! So happy for you two. You are both going to be great parents!

Tristin Keogh says:

Oh my gosh Congratulations!! What a beautiful video!! Your Son is so precious

ajperlman says:

Oh my GOODNESS! What a blessing. He is gorgeous! Congratulations! xoxo Audrey

Missredness says:

Congrats to you both! He is such a tiny wee fella 🙂

Claire Bostick says:

Congrats Jenn and Jim. Baby George is beautiful.

Laura Loveless says:

He’s so beautiful 💙 well done you, you and Jim are gonna be such fantastic parents thank you so much for sharing this part of your life

maggiex312 says:

Many congratulations! Baby George is so precious. Blessings to you and your family

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