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Live Long & Prosper

July 15, 2017 - Comment


Sunny 6230 says:

Yay! I love the name change and it’s very fitting! 🙂

Jenn's Journey says:

+Sunny 6230 yay! Thank u!

Amanda Frey says:

Love the name change! Not that I cared so much, following you for a long time anyway and didn’t even actually care that it’s not all about weightloss anymore :). What was your result of your blood test?

Jenn's Journey says:

+Amanda Frey my doctor hasn’t called me yet.

Honeysue Bear says:

love the name change and it doesn’t have to be just about weight loss and will include your whole family how great is that

Jenn's Journey says:

+Honeysue Bear thank u! Glad u like it!

WW with Enza G says:

Love the name change, didn’t care either cause I will follow you regardless <3
Those were massive chops! 🙂 yummy!

Jenn's Journey says:

+WW with Enza G thanks enza!!! And I know! They were huge! Obviously everything has to be bigger at Costco lol

mehler0424 says:

Hiiiiii how are you ? You Look GREAT! Which video editor do you use ?

Jenn's Journey says:

+mehler0424 thank u! I use iMovie on my phone

Kahlofrida13 says:


Kat Nicole says:

Hi jenn, I’m watching your video in the hospital lol I don’t know if you remember me commenting before but I’m going to be 36 weeks tomorrow but yesterday my water was leaking just a little bit so I’ve been admitted. I’m actually induced right now but barely started. I was already 3-4 centimeters dilated. Only concern now is babies lungs but we won’t know anything until she’s born. She is measuring about 5 lbs and around 34 weeks plus some days but doctors are confident everything is good before I’m supposed to hit 36 tomorrow. Just thought I’d update. I’ve been keeping up with you 😊

Kat Nicole says:

I almost got transferred to a hospital with a better specialized NICU so I feel like I’m in good hands. I can’t believe I’m going to be a mom already! Oh and bday is Monday! 7/17! She might be born 7/15-16 so we shall see.

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