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MY BIGGEST REGRET on my Weight Loss Journey

December 7, 2016 - Comment

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Yesenia Flores says:

wow this is just how I feel at the moment😞… we love you jen I think
everyone goes tru this and about the holidays I feel the same way really
negative. I will fake positivity thanks jen love you 😘

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Yesenia Flores I know we can do this 💪🏼💕

Karen Henderson says:

Don’t have a cheat meal until you reach your goal

Karen Henderson says:

Don’t have a cheat meal until you reach your goal

GiGi's Geek Zone says:

*Bear hugs* You don’t always have to be our support… we can return the
favor and support you. You know how much I look at you for support and how
much I appreciate you and your posts. Hang in there and allow us to support
you and give back all the wonderful words of support I’m sure you not only
give me but countless others.

We are your support system just as much as you’re ours.



Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+GiGi’s Geek Zone this means so much to me!!! Thanks for letting me vent
and making me feel like I’m not alone 💕

Vero Love says:

I do the same…. all of my life …..but understand that I feel the same
way !!!

Kim T says:

Oh Jenn don’t feel bad about sharing with us. It does help those of us that
have or will go through this on our own weight loss journey. When I have
had to do a restart after going off track I had to wait 3 weeks before I
could allow myself a cheat meal because my body couldn’t handle the
addiction. I needed to kind of get it out of my system. Of course you know
what works for you but I definitely think you should find some new
motivation and maybe new practices to add to your routine to mix it up. You
are human and this is a lifestyle and there’s always going to be bumps in
the road. I watch your videos to get motivated. What motivates you? ♡♡♡

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Kim T my progress is what use to motivate me, that’s why I’m having a hard
time now, because I’m not losing weight and it depresses me which makes me
eat more and the viscous cycle keeps going. I will have to find other
motivation. Thanks girl

Kim T says:

Jenns Weight Loss Journey that makes total sense

Marina Chruickshank Laberg says:

I could have said this – it sounds just like me…
Hugs & Kisses
Thanks for sharing <3

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Marina Chruickshank Laberg thanks for your support 💕

Emmy Nicole says:

I needed this today because I feel like no one understands my brain. I
regained so much weight back from two years ago. And I’m exactly where you
are. Thank you for being honest. This is everything I needed today. Love

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Emmy Nicole I understand ur brain Emmy! Thanks so much for ur support!!!

Robin Wagganer says:

I appreciate your honesty. It’s so hard – not like we’re going to wake up
one day and never have to pay attention again. That’s the dream, especially
when we work for a new lifestyle rather than temporary fix. It’s as if,
once we gain weight, we start a lifetime struggle. You’ve already
accomplished so much and I wish I could convince you to focus on the gains
you’ve made. But I understand that we can be hard on ourselves. I’m sorry
you are struggling. I wish I had magic words for you. I am also certain,
however, that you WILL get back on track because you’ve done it before, you
know what you need to do – what works for you, and you’ve had such success.
Check out Mel Robbins 5-second rule here on YouTube. I love her! She has a
way of making me think I can do anything and maybe she will inspire you as
well. I’m sending you a virtual hug and wish it was more because you’ve
been an inspiration to me. Even now, you inspire me :-)

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Robin Wagganer thank u so much robin!!! Ur encouragement means a lot

Elaine Davis says:

Thank you for being so transparent — this is part of “our” journey too!
We can do this one meal and / or one snack at a time.

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Elaine Davis yes we can 💪🏼

Lucy says:

This video is you being real not only with yourself but with anyone who
watches. I’m right there with you too. I haven’t worked out religiously
since July and binge eating as of lately has been at an all time worse.
I’ve gained 9lbs since July and although I now feel it in my clothes and
see it on my face it really hasn’t set in. I don’t want to go back to my
biggest weight, 278lbs. It’s hard as heck to lose these 9lbs but you know
what not facing my reality isn’t helping. I’m not the average woman who
limited calorie intake and jogs for 30 minutes and BAM weight melts. I have
to seriously dedicate myself to planning and executing. We can do it! We
will do it! Even if I have to message you daily to check. We can and will
shack this feeling of depression off and get back to our “normal” focused
selves. Come on Jenn let’s tag team and melt these 9 & 10lbs off together!
What do you say?

Mercedes Cartagena says:

totally relatable. each day is a new start, we can’t keep thinking of the

Jenns Weight Loss Journey says:

+Mercedes Cartagena you’re right! I have a hard time letting go of the past

Mercedes Cartagena says:

Just think of where you were from day one. You are not that girl right now.
We all take a step back sometines. I’m too down 70 pounds and this month
has been a struggle but I try at least one thing good each day and
gradually I’ll get there again. Can’t beat yourself up girlie!!

Danielle “Daniellesjourney2fit” Cornelius says:

Thanks again for sharing and being real girl ❤️ hugs❤️ exactly like my
story lately too!! Doing good for the week and the weekends been tough,
holidays, cold , makes it hard. Plus my bday is coming up on 22. I’ve
wanted to stay good till then and feel happy to indulge some then. Ugh. I
think could work for you and I feel works for me. Which I just dunno if for
me the time is right now to go full force back, maybe still keep trying and
do as good as I can then yes when holidays pass and I can put my mind more
to it, go a good couple weeks with no “treat meal” cause it feels for me,
maybe you too, don’t go there “yet” till we get the cravings and feelings
more under control then go back to that. Thanks again for sharing 💕 ur not

Fit and Fabuless Mamas says:

Maybe you need a change. Have you ever considered Weight Watchers?
Switching things up might give you new motivation. I know they have them in
Canada. Plus maybe for one week record daily “What I Ate” videos and commit
to recording every single thing you eat. That helps me stay on track.
Sending you strength! – Kim

Stephanie Gutierrez says:

I love the raw honesty. I am 100% in the same boat. I gain 7lbs in 10days
because I just stop caring/trying on my weight loss journey. It’s taken me
2 months to work off that weight gain because I was half assing it. Now I’m
where I was originally and still feel down about myself because it’s 2
months I would of spent burning new weight off. Sometimes people just don’t
get how more of a mental struggle it is for women like us. I’m just here to
let you know your not alone!! I’m going to go workout TONIGHT!!! XOXOXO

tamisue1975 says:

Oh Jen…don’t be so hard on yourself. We all go thru times of struggle and
you will find yourself back into your groove again. Don’t worry so much on
the diet/exercise, focus on the mental part and the rest will fall into
line. It will take time and you will get there at the right time. You’ve
had a stressful last half of the year getting ready for the wedding and
honeymoon. Let us be your inspiration as you get back to your routine. I
struggle every damn day and I will never give up on myself, I am worth it
and so are you. Remember you are not alone here. Big hugs to you Jenn 💜

Hi Di Hi Hi Di Ho says:

Hey Jenn! As you said, you’ve created this channel to document your weight
loss journey, as a therapy and if it helps others (like me :)) so that’s
great. But don’t put pressure about us or some of us that will not like
your videos or won’t anymore. Take as much advantage as you can from this
social media part of your life and you know, that’s your only rule to never
give up! I really apreciate you and even if your video is just about a bad
feeling you’re being through, you’re just human and I wish at this point
that I can help you like you helped me… Stay strong ;)

A Fields says:

Jenn look at where u at now, u came from a long way. look at yourself u
look really good. You hit a plateau. Go where u started and do it again
where u started shedding the weight . I will keep u in my prayer u will
overcome the situation.

A Fields says:

You really need to see Dr eric Berg here in youtube he talks a lot about
what to eat for your body type and when to exercise. I wish u the best

Sarah says:

You are the only person I have ever known to say out loud EXACTLY how I
feel/think every single day. I feel that no one would ever understand or
just think I’m mentally insane with the addiction I have with food and the
thoughts I have to myself. To top it off I’ve had bariatric surgery 7 years
ago and continue this battle. So imagine how crapy I can feel. A never
ending battle but I always tell myself that I will never fail if I don’t
stop trying. Thank you for sharing this video.

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