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NEW 4 Week FB Abs (Round 2) Now Available! + Early release workout & site updates

October 23, 2018 - Comment

Awaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat New 4 Week FB Abdominal muscles Program currently readily available @ All Health and fitness Blender exercise programs @ FB tees, storage tanks, hoodies, posters & more @ We utilize PowerBlock's adjustable dumbbells: Stay on top of us on facebook @ Instagram @ Google+

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Awaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat

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New 4 Week FB Abdominal muscles Program currently readily available @
All Health and fitness Blender exercise programs @
FB tees, storage tanks, hoodies, posters & more @

We utilize PowerBlock's adjustable dumbbells:

Stay on top of us on facebook @ Instagram @ Google+ @ twitter @ Pinterest @

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Melanie Justi says:

Yay!!!! I’m so excited! Thank you!

Inder Sandhu says:

Melanie Justi

FitnessBlender says:

Quick 4 Week FB Abs Facts:
Plan Length: 4 Weeks
Avg. Duration: 32 Minutes (28-42)
Difficulty: 3-5
Body Focus: Core, Total Body
Equipment: Mat, Dumbbell
Training Type: HIIT, Strength Training, Cardiovascular, Toning, Pilates, Stretching
– Programs can be reused anytime, at any pace and have no expiration date
– Instantly available after purchase
– Customizable online workout calendar tracks your progress
– You’ll be doing a different workout video every single day, and each week focuses on a slightly different training approach, resulting in a highly dynamic workout program that not only targets your core, but is also great for burning fat, building muscle, and helping you to move and feel like an athlete.
– Throughout the 4 weeks, this program provides quick, easily digested daily coaching and tips on everything from mindset to eating habits, modifications to motivation, recipes and making this a lifestyle that you can stick to easily & naturally, instead of any sort of quick fix. We want you to feel great by the time you finish this program!

عبد الرحمن عبد الحليم says:


Brahim Khalil says:

One more question please. As a Muslim, we’ll have one month of fasting. (Fasting time starts about 4 30am till about8 pm). Any suggestions how to manage my daily workout or I shall stop it all. I’m nervous and frustrated about that .😥😥😥

Brahim Khalil says:

Philip Lutterodt thank you for reaching me. The hardest part in fasting is thirst. For the energy I think no problem with it.

FitnessBlender says:

I’ve never had that experience myself so I can’t speak for it in that sense, but I know a lot of our viewers have found some things that work for them during that time, hopefully people will keep weighing in on what works for them. In the end, you’ll want to listen to your body, and likely temporarily reduce the intensity of your training, depending on how you’re feeling.

Brahim Khalil says:

FitnessBlender thank you so much for your reply. I loved that part” listen to your body”. I think this tip can help the best. So I will try it then see. 😉😉

Denis D says:

Selam Alejkum Brahim. Last year I fasted and did FB workouts. How I went about it: Since I did two programs at the same time, my workout time was around 1 hour and 10 minutes (give or take a few minutes). Based on how much time my workout would take, I adjusted the starting time of the workout (having in mind when i can break my fast). Hence if I stopped fasting at 10 p.m. I would start with the workout at around 8:50 p.m.. As FitnessBlender mentioned, adjust the intensity of traning based on how you feel. God willing sharing my experience helps, and me/you will do the same this year :). p.s. happy to see you are planning to fast 🙂

LifeofJassi says:

I’m doing FBburn Round 2 right now, but I’m so excited to do this one after! 😊 Your programms have really helped guide me and my fitness journey. I’ve suffered from overtraining and an eating disorder for the last couple of months and having my workouts laid out for me really helps me avoid overtraining, so thank you so much for that! It’s still hard sometimes, but I love how you always show such tremendous support in your videos! I think that really sets you apart from other trainers out there! It really encourages me to take care of myself and enjoy working out! Also, my flexibility, strength and appreciation for movement have increased so much since working out with you guys! Thank you for everything that you do, you have helped me change my life in so many ways! You deserve every bit of success! 💕

ladykeke says:

I love fitness blender!!

NiCole M says:

Do you have any exercises that someone can do, that had knee surgery. I want to be able to tone my butt and legs?

Erica Robbin says:

I’m really excited for this, thank you for sharing!

All Beauty By Sarah says:

I’m super excited for this!!! I’ve been working out to your videos for the past month now and have seen such a HUGE difference! Thank you!!!

timmaria1 says:

Pre-workout Superfood powder blend here

Ileana Oliva says:

I love your videos!! Very cool to see you on here 🙂

All Beauty By Sarah says:

Ileana Oliva thank you so much! Makes me so happy ❤️😘


you guys are changing the world for the better

FitnessBlender says:


em 123 says:

This came at just the right time. I’ve purchased it already, wasn’t expecting it to be so cheap, thank you guys. I’ll let you know how it works out for me in a reply to this comment at the end of the 4 weeks 🙂

em 123 says:

It’s been a little over 4 weeks but i managed to finish this workout. It was amazing!!!!! I’ve been following fitness vids on this channel for a year now but I told myself it was time to commit to something and I don’t regret it. It was tough but worth it. My legs and abs got so much stronger and I’m so happy.I’m glad that i get to go back to the workout at anytime and I’m already looking at purchasing more of Fitness Blender’s workouts 🙂

Maria C says:

Got it😎💪🙌

MAFE342 says:

FB Community: The coolest for sure!

Julie M. says:

Oh you have notifications on community page on your website?? Cool. That is what was keeping me away from it and sticking to instagram, because I got frustrated scrolling back to try and find any reactions to my posts. Thanks!

loveforeignaccents says:

Can we see any sort of a trailer of the program??

FitnessBlender says:

Our 500+ workout videos that you see on this channel are what make up our programs, so they are a very good representation of what the program is like. We also have several free 5 Day Challenges that give you a good feel for how we structure our programs. Hope this helps!

Jen K. - wastelandphoenix says:

Yay! I’ll be trying this one! As a chronically broke university student, I love how affordable your programs are – and that I don’t need any expensive equipment 🙂 Thank you guys, love from Germany 🙂

Lucia Durisi says:

hello beautiful smile!! I just purchased the new FB ABS 2 and can’t wait to start it today 🙂 I have the Fb Abs 1 and have used it for the last two years, together with all the other programs I have the privilege to have in my account <3, you and Daniel really make the difference in the fitness business world!! I'm so grateful to you guys, because you really help people all over the world to stay or get fit, rich and poor, no difference, and this is great :), There is too much greed and too much talking in this business, but like I said, you and Daniele are the ones and the only to me! Last but not least, I don't need to see somebody on a screen with no shirt on, showing up his muscle to believe he knows what he is talking about!!! I cannot stand that! this is just one of the many reasons I love the way you guys not only show us, but work with us! with this said , hugs from Sicily, Italy!!

Mike Henry says:

The logo. THE LOGO. Good job, Daniel, this office is complete!

Ileana Oliva says:

Just purchased this!!! So affordable you guys kick my butt every time!! My arms and back are still sore from Sunday’s workout!! 💪🏼💦

zeo says:

The timing of this is great and I love your new website. Hadn’t seen it until I went there to buy this new program. I made YouTube playlists for many of your other programs, that’s why I don’t use the website that much, though I think I’ll be using it more now. Thank you for all of this!

Tzeta M says:

I have never purchased your program before and I don’t think it is late for me. I am a mum of 9 years old twins and I feel blessed but I had enough of my wobbly jelly belly. I am hopeful going to Greece this summer and I want to look and feel better. I know this will work and I am going to share my result with you. 🔊😁😂⏳

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