NEW FBSweat: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Tone || 30 or 50 Minutes a Day: YOU Choose | Weight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body FatWeight Loss Diet That Burn Excess Body Fat

NEW FBSweat: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Tone || 30 or 50 Minutes a Day: YOU Choose

January 8, 2017 - Comment

Awaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat Locate the new FBSWEAT Program @ Review all about FBsweat at the web link over – if you have a lot more concerns concerning the program, leave them in the remark section listed below. Browse all House Workout Programs @ Look over 500 totally

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Locate the new FBSWEAT Program @
Review all about FBsweat at the web link over – if you have a lot more concerns concerning the program, leave them in the remark section listed below.

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We make use of PowerBlock's adjustable dumbbells:

Thanks to the two really talented people we partnered with making this video happen:
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& Antoine for producing an awesome soundtrack for us, locate him @

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FitnessBlender says:

Happy New Year FB Family! Find the new FBSweat Program @
Brutal new workouts start going live tomorrow morning!

pink hope says:

finished day one today allready feeling the burn, i will die tomorrow 😀
please do a new before and after vid, the last one was done over a year ago.

FitnessBlender says:

Do you guys have any New Years Resolutions?

HEROjetsblacks 25 says:

can we get a new jump rope workout for stamina

leafveins says:

Cyborg Echo I have the same issue! I have a ganglion cyst in my right
wrist, so pushups are painful. I’d love to see exercises that will still
help me to tone up/build strength, but still don’t require a lot of
equipment, despite my limitation.

S Part says:

FitnessBlender run a half marathon! This is the first year I’m not setting
a weight loss goal. Focusing on fbsweat, running training and healthy foods.

Prachi Nare says:

Explоsivе muscle grоwth in а bоttle? Ditсh thе unhеаlthy Pre-wооoоrkоut
pоwdеrs. Мах уоur rеsults with this prооооvеn tоoоо work musсle building
Stасk! NЕW
FBSwеat Burn Fаt Build Musсlе Тonе 30 or 50 Мinutes а Day YОООOU Choоoose

Kelly Ehrhardt says:

great video!! looking forward to seeing the workouts!

Our.Sweet.Life says:

That just got me SO pumped up!! You guys are the best, I can’t wait to try
out the new program!

Danny Boy says:

No pain, No gain
Amazing coaches.

FitnessBlender says:

We’ve got a fun & brutal HIIT Cardio + Butt and Thigh Workout going live
for you tomorrow morning – Don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button so you
don’t miss it!

Sonia List says:

FitnessBlender What time?

FitnessBlender says:

Around 7 AM PST!

Lili Sautter says:


faeze aghel says:

i did it now. and i just can say love it. Tnx u fitnessblender

Alaa Aliella says:

Whenever I do jumping jacks, my stomach hurts. It it bad ?? 😫 ( I’m a
beginner btw )

Garage Fit Gainz says:

Alaa Aliella try a weight belt or other support belt to hold your belly in

Alaa Aliella says:

Garage Fit Gainz thank youu! 😊😊

Doc ARQ says:

Alaa Aliella My lower back and lower part of abdomen starts hurting
whenever I do any high impact exercise. So I just cut out all the jumps and
keep my workouts low impact.

Garage Fit Gainz says:

Alaa Aliella you’re welcome! There’s more where that came from. There’s
always a way and you WILL succeed! Stay Fit!

Alaa Aliella says:

Garage Fit Gainz 😃😃😃

Elisha Lishy says:


Penelope416 says:

Yo, this is a professionally done commercial! AHHH I love you guys!

JonathanHenry says:

love your vids I lost 25 lbs. by doing hit every other day… thx so much
it really helps with it being free

bryoni bailey says:

can anybody tell me what the name of that song is please?

Wynona Mae says:

I really wish this was for free. 😥

FitnessBlender says:

We have well over 500 completely free workout videos on YouTube & our
website, which are incredibly time consuming and incredibly expensive to
create and keep online. people purchasing the programs are what allow us to
offer the workout videos for free, and even the workout programs are very
inexpensive (it’s $9.99 for a workout program that you can use & reuse as
many times as you like). If you need more help and don’t want to spend any
money, we’ve also done at least three 5 Day Challenges at this point, which
are a good way to figure out how to put together a workout program, and we
also have many vlogs on that same subject as well. Even though we try to do
as much as we can for free for you guys, you have to realize that what we
are doing takes an incredible amount of revenue and time to create and
maintain. I hope this makes sense.

Wynona Mae says:

FitnessBlender That’s okay, I can understand. I’m a College Filipina by the
way… So I don’t really know how to transact. lol hahahaha

Yeah K says:

cant wait!

launebaer86 says:

#ProductionValue Shut up and take my money! (Have to finish FB30 Round 3
first though…)

Kimmie Cakes says:

launebaer86 How you like it. any results?

launebaer86 says:

+Kimmie Cakes FB30 is pretty fun, due to the christmas holidays I was a bit
lazy though. I feel really good and I think I gained muscle mass. I can
commend it!

A.I.O says:

Is it possible to do this with low impact options? 😁 I was just about to
buy the 4 week low impact program but this looks awesome 👏🏽

FitnessBlender says:

Definitely! It can be as simple as cutting out the jumps – we always
encourage people to modify however necessary to make it work for them. This
is an intense program though, so the 4 week low impact/beginner program
might be a better place to start (depending on your own experience/fitness

Nalisa Talks says:

Nice videography and editing guys!!

Mighty Liz says:

Can’t wait! I’ve been trying to lose those last 20lbs out of 50lbs total! I
managed to lose the 30lbs in 2016!!! What’s the song?

LGC Games (Luciousgamechic) says:

Awesome new program guys. Going to start this one next month, after I
finish my current program.

Ayla KM says:

Is 12 too young to do these workouts? I have been doing your free workouts
for a while now. Is it too high impact on my body? I do HIIT 2 times a
weeks and strength with cardio other days.

Amelie Heronstern says:

This is so awesome! I’m so happy for you guys you did an amazing job with

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