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No Equipment Butt and Thigh Workout at Home – Bodyweight Lower Body Workout

January 30, 2017 - Comment

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An enjoyable & efficient lower body workout that you can do anywhere. Printable workout & even more @
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Ayla KM says:


eu says:

Please add more strength training and weight lifting videos!! 🙂 really
amazing channel!

pallawi jain says:

eu yeah, that’s what I want too

FitnessBlender says:

We have tons of strength training! Here are the new ones we’ve put out in
the last month or two alone. You can find literally hundreds more at
Total body strength & HIIT:
Upper body strength @
Lower body strength workout:
Total body strength @

pallawi jain says:

Woah! You replied, you guys are great, love you

Reyshinder Raven says:

FitnessBlender Quick question,is this workout only for women or also for
the men??

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

In case they didn’t have time, I will be a good ambassador and tell you
there is no gender specific workout 🙂 Good luck!


I’m going to make my girl friend try this

Abhipriti Seal says:

Great content!! I would love to know your opinion on intermittent fasting

Abhipriti Seal says:

Thank you so much for the answer 🙂

Live Lift Praise says:

I don’t think carbohydrates are bad, I think they’re great… But I do feel
better and more energized when I do low carb and high fat, then my brain is
fueled by the fats that I eat instead of carbs. 🙂

Abhipriti Seal says:

+Live Lift Praise​ If you follow IIFYM, you might be able to get a good
idea of how much fat you should include (protein and carbs also) 🙂 use a
macro calculator 🙂 very flexible

Live Lift Praise says:

That’s exactly what I have done actually 🙂 But I have modified my macros
to a lower carbohydrate intake because I feel better that way. I have done
low carb low fat (long ago), keto, IIFYM, Carb cycling, and low(ish) carb
with higher fat, and that is the one that I feel best on 🙂 I was just
curious on their opinion about it

vanillahugz says:

People were sang if you don’t use weight for butt that your butt will get
smaller, is that true?

Pink Lowe says:

I’m not sure, I guess if you want to gain muscle, you need to eat more and
if you want to lose fat you need to create a defict thats the only way to
lose your butt. If you do this workout without any weights its ok, but I
doubt you will be challenging yourself that much, like when you use
Lately I’ve been use few weights (0-5kg) while doing their lower body
exercises and I’ve noticed a big change, but I think its because I’ve been
eating more (in surplus than before when I saw in defict and using more

Alicia Rice says:

vanillahugz to do it without weights is more so maintaining or toning your
butt and thighs. But if you want your butt to be more rounder, fuller, and
firmer its better to use weights. And of course like anyone else would say
a healthier diet is the hardest part of reaching a fitness goal.

Christmene Sylvestre says:

I never got a notification for this which is weird but this workout looks
fun, effective, and extremely painful. I bet more painful with weights. I
was debating on what lower body workout to do today this one may just be
it. 😁

Bhanumathi pilaka says:

great workout. can you upload videos for pcod (polycystic ovarian

Carla Sofia says:

Yaaaay new video! Doing this one tomorrow! :)

Vanessa B says:

loving all the new videos coming out one after the other. awesome job!! ps
Kellie i like the color in your hair ☺

Wally Javier says:

Great hair.

Juni Das says:

I don’t know if you will read this comment or not, but please please make
*knee-friendly* cardio, it’d help so many of us <3 people who are
recovering from knee problems or have bad knees but want to lose weight

Isa_DPB says:

just choose low-impact workouts or modifications

Juni Das says:

I know but some low impact exercises are squats and lunges which has
pressure on the knee joints and it ain’t good 🙁

Lertic says:

Gonna try this out tomorrow! Looking forward to it. ;)

sab rina says:

Does this works if i want to lose weight!

gigglyfitzgirl says:

It hurts! But it hurts good! It’s been a little while since I’ve done a
fitnessblender workout. I cheated on you guys with the fitness marshall. 😂
But it feels good to be back cuz nothing can work these muscles as well as
you do! 👍💪

Raya June says:

I’ve been preparing for exams whole day so I just drop all of papers and
will do now this workout!!!! Kelli u r looking amazing as always!! Those

D'ya Francois says:

This was a great workout, thanks! ❤

Al Detterer says:

Thanks for the help! Love you guys for helping me workout. This has helped
me get in shape for running track

AshleyNicole says:

Yay can’t wait to do this when I get home!!

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

Watching this while doing a stretch after my #FBSweat workout :)

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