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January 31, 2018 - Comment

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Lisa Chancy says:

So far I’ve lost 4pounds 🤗 so far but am also using this app I’ve seen other YouTubers used called My Fitness Pal 🤔 to count the amount of calories I been eating as well 🙂 I think you should give it a try.☺

Amanda Casanova says:

It’s not a race! But I understand wanting to see a bigger result! We got this girl! You still worked hard!!! 🙌🏼❤️

Ruthie Another Weight Loss Journey says:

So true. Love youe veidos!

AdrianaElane says:

I’ve been super busy with nursing school but I really need to start documenting my journey on YouTube! Any one else on their fitness journey please follow me on instagram so we can motivate each other! @anasjourney_15

Enza Giardetti says:

A loss is a loss! 🙂 great job, Jenn!

Leslie Rhodes says:

I only had a .2 loss and I was surprised also. I only had 1 cheat meal last wknd so hoping Saturdays weigh in will be more. I weigh the same as you and started with you. Tonight I did 30 minutes elliptical. I had only been able to do 15 min so it felt great to do more but my legs are noodles. We got this!

April Marie says:

Your doing great !! I can see a change in your face already 💕

Jullian Pitts says:

You’re doing great! Any sort of change, whether is less pounds or non-scale victories is a victory. Keep up the good work

Erica A says:

Girl your right a loss is a loss so you did great i started this is week two for me and today i worked out twice in the day sooo proud of meee!!! Let keep it goingg yet just keep moving!!

Jennifer Gillis says:

” it was like the taste of blood!” 🤣🤣 you are so relatable! My daughter is turning 15 months old tomorrow and I’m finally getting serious about taking this weight off. Fighting every day right along there with you!

karen maffina says:

You are doing so great and you are such an inspiration to me. I started the same time as your and have made a few of your meals now and love them. I have lost 2.2 kg (4.8 lb) so far and i am stoked with that. I have been using my fitness pal and tracking my calories and it is awesome. Thank you for being amazing

A J says:

Omg I’m so glad I came across your video Jenn!!!!!! I was crying tonight because I literally want to start my weightloss journey tomorrow and I feel putting myself out there and starting it on YouTube that it will motivate me to keep going but on the other hand I’m putting myself out there and I’m super vulnerable and it’s so scary so I decided to type in weightloss journey and poof I guess there is other people out there who are doing this as well. Oh my!!ok well I’m going to make my first video tomorrow I’m 315 and want to get down to 180❤️

bendietrees says:

A J I’m subscribing to you. You can do it!

Eva Zálešáková says:

Amazing job, Jen! I follow you on IG since 2015 and I’ve realised that I’m looking forward your new videos more and more, I just love the way you talk about everything and how sweet and gorgeous you are 🙂 I’m back on my journey as well; last week I had +0.2 lbs so I definitely know about those weeks you talk about – when you don’t lose or stay the same. We can’t let it get to us, we just need to keep pushing. I weigh myself regularly but every 4 weeks I plan to take measurments because the scale isn’t everything. I also think about those 4 weeks as stages. In the first stage I focused on my food and portion control – that is my biggest weakness. Now I’m in week 5 and in stage 2 and I have decided to start moving my body. I set a goal to go swimming 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks. I went on Monday and also today and I’ll go again on Friday 🙂 I already have a plan for stage 3 in mind but I’ll see how February goes first 🙂 Congrats for being back on track and good luck 🙂 Oh, and I’m @evesweightlossjourney on IG if you or somebody else in this amazing support group you have here want to follow my journey. I’m always greatful for extra support, it’s an amazing feeling that we are not alone on this journey! <3

Susan Christ says:

Don’t get discouraged…the scale is going in the right direction. I’ve lost 45 lbs and still counting but it’s not easy. But feeling better matters more than the scale.

Hillary Mulder says:

Today was my weight in Wednesday and I’m down 2.5 pounds this week!! I feel great about that because the last 2 weeks I only lost 1 pound each week. Down 8.5 since I started my journey 4 weeks ago 👍

Amy Lynn says:

I just started to try and loose my baby weight (from 3kids) last week and lost 8lbs. I’m Doing resistance cardio every day at least 30minutes, and about 10minutes of weights, every day! ..If you have a rest day(s), You should still stretch at least for 10-20minutes. make fitness a habit and it gets easier, no excuses. Along with portion control and low calorie nutritious eating! No alcohol, limit red meat, don’t use sauces or dressings full of sugar, drink lots of water/don’t drink your calories. Eat a healthy snack/protein after you work out to repair muscles! ..Just some tips that might help. Keep up the good work!! Even One pound is great success.

JeansJeans says:

Very good! I’ve found allowing cheats just spirals me, so I don’t do it at all. Since October I only did for Christmas for 3 days and then was out of my groove for weeks but now I’m back on track haha but I learned my lesson. My daughters birthday is February 25th and I am planning to eat a donut but I know I will be out of ketosis and it will probably throw me for a bit. But sugar and carbs are like a drug (for me) and I just can’t do them or else I will ‘relapse’ so to speak! But I envy those who can do it and not get thrown off.

Stephanie says:

I am in the boat as you right. Now. Been on this for 2 weeks. I love almost 7 lbs the first week. But have only lost 2oz the second week. I was disappointed as well but I have never felt better then ever! I also am a nursing mama. And haven’t noticed a dip in my supply either I don’t think. I don’t pump. So idk. But baby is 16m old we are working on weaning

Amanda Bowers says:

You’ll be amazed at what you will do for your son. I also am uncomfortable in a bathing suit but when my son was a toddler and we began to take him to the beach I decided that he would NEVER hear me complain about my body or not participate in fun activities or try to cover myself up. I want for him to see me as our children do and not be tainted with my poor attitude. I want him to remember his confident mom playing with him on the beach. Hes not gonna remember my cellulite. And I have stuck to those promises to myself. He is 7 now and I think we have created some really great memories despite my body not being ‘perfect.’

Rose And kids says:

I had my son in October as well.. and im also trying to lose weight plus tone.. I also breastfeed my lo.. I would like to see what you eat in a day to lose wait thanks.. and keep it up positive attitude keeps you motivated congrats mama 👏🏼👏🏼

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