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October 24, 2018 - Comment

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Ashley Bows says:

Omg just thinking about breastfeeding again gives me anxiety . I did it for 18 mos exclusively and stopped because I was having anxiety attacks every time my daughter would pull down my shirt or grab my chest . For myself personally it was not something magical . My daughter was born with an airway defect and that made it so much harder . I also lost 80 lbs and I always had to hold my breast up and in the correct position constantly . I did it for 18 mos because it is best . I know people don’t like to hear that but it honestly is what’s best scientifically . With the next baby I will do it again even though I know how hard it will be . Football also worked best for us and as she got older she just held them and did her thing lol . I also got mastitis which was horrible .

Tristin Keogh says:

Thank you so much for doing this video Jenn!! It is appreciated more thn you know. I just had my little girl last Wednesday, 3 weeks early, and breastfeeding has been a struggle. All tips, tricks and advice is as valuable as Gold to me💗🤱🏻👍🏻

did podfo says:

Myself sense of your belly and your beautiful talents and talents🌹🍓

did podfo says:

You have a beautiful Shafiiv myself Abosha and want to see your body and your belly and your beautiful beauty of your senses👅

Aria and Beyond says:

Thanks for sharing your breastfeeding journey with us. I would love to see a part two. Maybe you could touch on breastfeeding in public. Are you getting more comfortable or do you still feel self conscious. You have inspired me to make a video on my channel about my breastfeeding journey.

Eve Lee says:

It’s great u sharing breastfeeding tips… I’m also breastfeeding my 8 month yr old daughter. Ur video is always inspirational to me. ❤

Bethany's Beautiful Journey says:

Girl I know what you mean about the initial latch pain!…i remember having to work up the nerve to allow a latch. It was horrible! Im glad I pressed through it too…now she’s 15.5 months & can latch in our sleep haha! My son breastfeed until the month after his 2nd birthday. Our favorite way to breastfeed is laying beside each other in bed.

Bethany's Beautiful Journey says:

Forgot to add for breastfeeding in public I used the 2 shirt method & it literally helped so much! Bottom shirt comes down enough to get breast out & top shirt goes up just over the breast to allow baby to eat. There were people that didn’t even realize I was nursing & i even have DD breasts.

Emily A says:

Good advice, ugh those first two weeks were brutal!!! My advice…nipple cream! And when I had so much pain I used a nipple shield for a week or two and they were a life saver.

Katie Graham says:

Thanks for sharing this! I’m due with my first at the end of September and will be back at work by the start of December 😩. I’ll def remember your tips on upping that supply!

Lori Kim says:

This is so very true. I went through a very similar experience. Don’t stress and keep trying and you will get it for sure. Once you get it and relax, it’s amazing,

Ashlie Leavelle says:

I can’t breastfeed because of a medicine that I have to take. I think it is beautiful and I see the love and commitment it takes. You are doing such a great job!

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