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Upper Body and Abs Workout – Compound Upper Body Workout for Strength and Coordination

October 23, 2018 - Comment

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i483u Daria says:

Just in time for my upper body work out today, perfect! Thank you guys <3

Heather Coyle says:

i483u Daria

Aleksandra Ostrowska says:

This is 100% my cup of tea, no time to get bored, very dynamic. Thank you!

Rockwhatyougot says:

Aleksandra Ostrowska Yes! I l9ved that it was all very different from your normal arm workouts!

Sanna Eriksson says:

Did this earlier today and WOW loved the format! More vids like this 😍 So fun and effective – it really target all the muscles in the upper body 😃 ♡

Jonathan Skelding says:

Sanna Eriksson w bE hE aWww

Jonathan Skelding says:

seen it girl,

Valerie Nguyen says:

You know Fitness Blender is the one for you when tomorrow is your leg day, they upload their butt workout, when you want to do abs, their abs workout goes live, and when you want to tone your arm, they post an upper body workout 😂 yeah thats actually me. I’m definitely doing this workout tomorrow morning. Have been with FB for almost 4 years and still counting. Just want to say thank you a million times for helping me transform my body and my mind xxxxxx

latenight cashews says:

Valerie Nguyen EXACTLY!!! hahaha. i like to think we’ve subconsciously settled ourselves into some sort of flow in sync with theirs as we exercise with them

Amber Wedo says:

Thank goodness for FitnessBlender! I haven’t had a reason to step into a gym since finding your workout videos a few years ago, you have definitely saved me from spending $$ on a gym membership! 😀

Jenny Love says:

FitnessBlender uploads a new workout, I click over! lol

It’s so nice to workout with you again, Kelli! Thank you for helping me with my health and fitness journey. You and Daniel are such an inspiration to me 😘❤🏋️‍♀️

Stephanie Paquin says:

My first upper body work out with weights since my mastectomy! Here’s to the small victories!

Stephanie Paquin says:

FitnessBlender thank you so much! I just keep trying. Thank you for making it free so I can keep trying ♡

Stephanie Paquin says:

Liz Anderson thank you so much!

Liz Anderson says:

Stephanie Paquin
Of course! You’re welcome! ❤️

Maia shar says:

Small victories add up and lead to HUGE victories! Hoping for all the best for you Stephanie! <3

vividtraining says:

Awesome Stephanie!!!

Ashley Weaver says:

This workout was awesome! Love fast paced strength training, no time to get bored, or think about how much you want to stop. I really love the compound moves too, feels like you get in a lot more work in less time. Perfect!

Mrs. Gurley says:

You ask in a lot of your videos what kind of music do we listen to or recommend listening to music so we don’t get bored, but honestly I truly enjoy listening to you when I’m working out. You motivate me to keep going when I am about to give up! You’re like my own personal trainer! Thank you so much for these videos!!!

The Freeze Dry Queen says:

Mrs. Gurley me too. I have one sided conversations with her all the time. 😹😹👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻

lpm827 says:

Couldn’t agree more!!!

MrPtrlix says:

The same! Her motivational speeches are both very realistic and inspiring.

Haifa Saleh says:

same here, I listen to nothing but you guys

Kimberly C says:

Mrs. Gurley I totally agree wth this.

elizabethiam says:

I made it through both sets of arm circles with 3 pound hand weights but I can’t do push-ups to save my life! I guess it all balances out! Thanks for the great workout!

Cheryl Walker says:

Don’t waste my money going to fitness classes now. Great functional workouts for home. You keep me motivated!!! Thank you

elyse says:

I never usually leave comments but I just wanted to say that I LOVED this workout so much! I’m a big fan of pretty much all of your upper body strength training videos but this one definitely sticks out. It was painful but SO MUCH FUN. I loved the compoud moves a lot, it kept things interesting. Please please please do more of these!!!

FitnessBlender says:

Ah I’m happy you loved it! Thanks for the feedback!

asukachan07 says:

That was so much fun! The whole workout felt like some action-movie training. The overhead press/bent over row was my favorite combo!
Thank you Kelli! I feel so bad that you have to talk to a camera while we have the luxury of your company. Who needs music when I can laugh with you about not falling over!

Peachie says:

26:16 definitely my favorite! I love the compound workouts. I always feel more confident in the 2nd round.

Komet R says:

There was a time when i would not do my workout without watching workout videos(mostly FB). Thank you for helping me realize that fitness is a lifestyle. You guys are a huge inspiration to me.

Zaphya J. says:

( tw anxiety / panic attacks )

i’m sitting at my laptop right now, just a few minutes after completing this routine, and i really can’t control my tears right now. they’re tears of relief, of joy, of accomplishment, of gratefulness. fitnessblender’s always been there for me when i’ve needed them – right from my first year of uni, when i weighed somewhere close to 90kgs. i was unhappy then, felt awful about myself, barely had the energy to step out of my room. little by little though, it’s been four years since, and i’m 64kgs now. daniel and kelly – your work, your honesty, your sincerity, and most of all, your kindness – all of it has been so, so helpful. i don’t have enough words to thank you.

i work out five days a week, eat clean. it was only recently that my anxiety caught up with me again, leaving me feeling wound up, caged, nervous about everything. it was painful, i was unhappy. the day of my last final, after it was done, i got the worst panic attack i’ve ever had. a racing, pounding heart. feeling like i was doing to die. my friend was with me then. we rushed to my father’s cardiac doctor, my parents on the way. the doctor said i was fine, perfectly fine, did some routine tests. said i could continue with my routine but just had to monitor my blood pressure for a week.

i’m a counselling psych student. i know how debilitating dysfunctional thoughts can be. i knew rationally i was fine, but god, it was so unpleasant. i’d never experienced panic, loss of control, foreboding that sinister. and my anxiety had been misdiagnosed as hypertension when i was in tenth grade – i have an awful relationship with those monitoring systems.

it’s been five long days of living in fear. all those feelings of being caged, just heightened. i had my parents looking at me, concerned for my wellbeing. i was terrified of doing one thing i love – exercising. i’d completed a fitnessblender routine just a day before my panic attack, this very exercise, and i remember telling all my friends to check it out. the world just didn’t look vibrant anymore, you know? when you’re anxious about everything, the world just seems grey and unforgiving.

it took a lot for me to get around to exercising today. i wanted to, god, did i want to. i’ve never wanted something as much, to feel alive again. and i told my mum, after the first round – i feel incredible, ma. i feel liberated.

and i felt relief slowly, gradually. in the middle of the cool down, revelling in my strength, my endurance, my determination – i felt my tears before i realised i was crying. and as i’m writing this, i’m still tearing up but with a smile, so wonderfully happy.

truly, thank you. for everything, for being by my side for years, even though we’ve never met. you’ve inspired so many of us, helped us on our journey, and you do it so selflessly. i’m going to hold onto this feeling, cherish it, and remind myself that i’m strong, beautiful, and capable of incredible things.


Kristine Chapdelaine says:

I just read yr story,I wish I could hug you,hang in there,you are strong than you Can imagine plus you are a woman,you have extra strength
Don’t lose hope,keep fighting.be blessed

Brittany Danter says:


Silent Storm says:

Yay soo many new moves .. Love you FB

Sheila says:

This is my FAVORITE upper body workout. Please do the same format for lower body and total body strength. I didn’t get bored even though there was a second round. I also want to thank Kelli and Daniel for making me love strength training. I used to dread it but now I look forward to it more than cardio/hiit!

Asoossi says:

I wasn’t going to workout today I was having such an awful day . I’m so happy I did it . I feel so much better <3 thank you Kelli

MN CJ says:

This is definitely one of my fav workouts! <3

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