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What’s In My Hospital Bag?!

September 25, 2017 - Comment

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Megan Moore says:

Good luck hunni seems like forever I was pregnant watching you shes now 4 months good luck Hun so happy for you sending lots of love from England ❤️❤️

Enza Giardetti says:

Great job organizing! Good luck, girl! Can’t wait to meet your bundle xo

Tessbridgesfitness says:

Thinking back to my hospital experience. Soft slip on slippers or fuzzy socks were nice. Also the nursing pillow was a lifesaver. Helped support baby as we were learning to breastfeed.
Ps Where did you get the sound machine from?

Heather Nathanson says:

Soiled!!! Not spoiled. Haha. Love it! The hospital baby blankets are THE BEST THING EVER! Take a few home if u can. Cant wait to hear!!!

beatriz garcia says:

I’m Soo excited for you

Sky Limit says:

Lol everytime u late with the vlogs im like she has to b in labor lol i cnt wait….😘😘😘😘😘😘

Jenn's Journey says:

+Sky Limit lol! Sorry girl! It’s been hard to film and edit cause I’m in so much pain and don’t get any sleep. I’m trying really hard to upload once a week. 💕

Sky Limit says:

Jenn’s Journey i totally understand i am 34 weeks and i cnt sleep its so hard and unconfortable. 👣👣👣

Cara Downing says:

I just had my baby two weeks ago! 🙂 Congratulations on your upcoming birth! A few things that they had at my hospital that they will probably have at yours are: washcloths, all different kinds and sizes of pads, diapers, and blankets. It’s super smart to bring your own wipes and make sure you bring your own comfortable underwear because the awful makeshift kind they have at the hospital are super uncomfortable! Good luck! I’m so excited for you and hope your birth goes amazingly! 🙂

Jennifer Somebody says:

I’m so weird, I totally loved the mesh underwear they give you. I always looked forward to it with all 3 of my births. lol Like I said, weird.

Cara Downing says:

lol! To each his own! 🙂 I suppose it is nice that they can just cut them off you when you need a new pair. I had csections with my kiddos so I felt like they were so hard to get on and off compared to my usual underwear. Surgical recovery is a beyatch in terms of mobility lol

Jennifer Somebody says:

My best advice, braid your hair. If you can french braid or know someone who can do that. It looks cleaner for the next 24 hours than just having your hair down and always touching it. I don’t know about everywhere but where I live I wasn’t allowed to shower for 24-30 hours after birth, so having my hair look less greasy and manged if that makes sense. Also bring along your own pillow. Get a dollar tree pillow protector so you can seal it up but still have your own comfortable pillow. Then just throw the protector away when you get home and then all you have to worry about is washing the pillow case.

Good luck babe! It’s going to be so amazing, exciting, emotional and down right terrifying. But its so wonderful and you welcome the terror with open arms. The drive home is the worst though. I panicked so much. haha

Rachel Widener says:

Best wishes 💗 Your going to be a wonderful mother, very lucky baby boy! Can’t wait to see him.

Zahra 786 says:

Great video Jenn. Can’t wait to see your precious baby. Sending love from California. 💞💞💞

Linda Kellett says:

Looks like you are prepared. Praying for a healthy, safe delivery for you and your babe. Would be curious for a follow up video on your bag when you get home as to what you actually used and what you didn’t have and needed. That would be a good one for moms to be to prepare their hospital visit with. God bless you and hope you are holding your son soon

connie Sue says:

So excited for u both ❤ can wait for baby he will be so LOVED AND SPOILED u both will be such wonderful parents , prayers for a healthy easy delivery …

Brookey Lou says:

One thing I was surprised to need was my baby nail clippers. My boys were both born with very jagged nails. Also, I purchased a battery powered, clip on fan which I had on the bed during labor… It was so nice! I am so excited for you!

Adele Georgievski says:

I would bring an extra pillow for your head as well – hospital pillows are so flimsy! 🙂

thatmomlife says:

congratulations 🙂 one thing i will recommend in case you have a c section is a girdle (faja) lol i had two c sections with baby #1 i did not use one and as i had to get up because they make you walk even if your in pain i had so much pain because the so called mom pouch was hanging lol they provided me with one but with baby#2 i took a stretchy one to use under the one they will provide and i was able to walk well and do so much more than with baby#1 lets hope you dont need a csection but just in case i will really recommend one .also a long robe will help so you can walk around the hospital not having to worry about the back showing lol.A

killer_queen says:

you should put your name on babys tags, i had the misfortune of them accidentally taking one of my sons clothes, they were able to bring it back because they had his name on it. also i know everyone is different but i laughed out loud, really loud when you pulled out your socks and said you might get cold. i was half YELLING for a fan. i’m so excited for you, soon!

killer_queen says:

also jen, you’ll want to take a shower, i actually think they ask you to take one, because you have a lot of “baby stuff” on your bottom and legs, so you should maybe pack flip flops? i know hospitals are clean. but i personally got weird at like pools and stuff with my feet slapping where others have.

Marcie Y says:

In my hospital bag I threw in a whole pack of mittens and I’m so glad I did…my kids spit up and were trying to put hand in mouth and had long nails and so we went through a few pair at the hospital and I packed for all my kids the blanket that they would use so they’d have that comfort from day one 🙂 all my kids were winter babies though too lol

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